Jacob and Mystery Loopholer

Written on 16th May 2009

So who’s the attractive, dark individual yang of Jacob’s yin in the season finale? Well, seems the ship on the horizon may have been the Black Rock. If so, is Richard on that ship? Off topic, why is there dynomite on the Black Rock (slave ship in that time period with explosives?? wierd)? Anyway, back to the story, this isn’t a Jacob-Esau thing, although quite possibly the age-old good v. evil–is man really good or weak; Satan challenging God. I think it may border on mythological writings of children of the gods–hybrid and non-hybrid–being banished to an uninhabited area to work out issues, bound by rules. Let’s say Jacob sees good in humans, he being part human himself. While the other individual, The Loopholer (aka Smoke Monster), is judgmental and finds only the bad in people. This guy wants to kill Jacob and has found a way to manipulate mankind to do it. What he doesn’t realize is, Jacob has also “worked” humankind to come to his aid…..Next SEASON.

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One thought on “Jacob and Mystery Loopholer

  1. RidinSTimeWave, I think it was more than likely the Black Rock that we see on the Horizon. I now get the impression that Richard may have originated from there.

    Pirate ships, often carried illegal cargo!

    I agree that while the comparisons used to depict Jacob and his Nemesis have biblical connotations, it will likely be explained by something else. I like what you suggest. It is reminiscent of The Little Prince from the chronicles of Narnia!

    Good thoughts!

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