Inverted Lost CLosing Shot, and it’s importance…

We all have been going back and forth about Jacob and the Man In Black (MIB).
Who is good, who is bad. After watching the opening scene for the 5th time, I truly think that Jacob is bad. He doesn’t say please or thank you, though he does offer some of his fish to MIB. The MIB says no thanks I have already eaten. MIB is very polite on the beach, aside from letting him now that ” We will find a loophole”. Meaning, Jacob is playing games with peoples lives, and MIB and his people will find a way to stop Jacob from interfering with peoples lives so carelessly, and for Jacobs own selfish games.
At the same time I could see Jacob being good, and MIB being black…..

But the biggest hint we have is the closing shot with the Lost logo. What was once black is now white, what was once white is now black….. Could this being the writers way of telling us that what we think we know we don’t.
Sorry for not having this planned out, the thought just came to me. Please comment, give me some feedback. Look forward to criticism.

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I was a die-hard fan, but it was bought out by someone who was unable to keep it up. Now I am here.

9 thoughts on “Inverted Lost CLosing Shot, and it’s importance…

  1. Criticism? That is brilliant. I just posted something about the dark and the light and although I took it from the aspect of Jacob being the light, it could likely be the other way around.
    Even if it isn’t, I like the way you think. Good Job!

  2. I thought Jacob was good too, but you have a good point there… and I think it might be true. The question is, if MIB’s the good guy, what’s the conflict for next season?

  3. I do think the closing shot was important…and you have explained one of the scenarios as to why it was important really well. “What we think we know, we don’t.” If that is about who represents what side, it makes sense.

    I also thought about it being that things are flipped around now that Jacob was killed…and it doesn’t matter which ‘side’ either of them represents for that to be true.

  4. i have been thinking a lot about the opening credits with the lost logo and am sure i have seen an interview where the producers say there is a clue there but cant find the interview now!

    good post i enjoyed reading!!

  5. PutMeOn815, I have been contemplating similar thoughts regarding Jacob being the one on the dark side, and his Nemesis on the light side.

    The clue at the end of the finale is, the closing shot! Where Darkness once was prevalent, the Light side has taken its place.

    I liken this to the struggle between Light & Dark.

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