not god vs satan.

lost cannot be based around god vs satan because if jacob was god and no name was satan then well god must be one big hypocrite for LIVING IN A STATUE OF A PEGAN GOD. now it could be horace vs set or sobek vs anubis or anything else but it can’t be based around god vs satan. they can use biblical referances or part of the story but other than that Jacob cannot be The god of christianity (and Cotholism aka cathlic) because that would make him a hypocrit and that is one thing god really hates.

they can use the garden of eden but again it won’t be god vs satan.

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4 thoughts on “not god vs satan.

  1. lost4life, I think the terms good vs evil, light vs dark, fate vs free will, etc., etc., will be the way of Lost.

    While references to the Bible, God and the Devil may be obvious inferences, I doubt the writers will directly use any specific religion to tell their story. In part, so that any particular religion is not offended.

  2. God and Satan, or whatever you want to call them, are in my view clearly just man-made symbolic representations for the good and bad sides within each and everyone of us. But as suggested in the above comment, the writers will find a way to resolve this without offending any major religions.

  3. It’s obvious that, through the hieroglyphs and other Egyptian imagery, that the writers have drawn Jacob and (I’ll call him) Smokie from the Egyptian religion. It’s a story, a work of fiction, and if it offends Christians, it makes mews, news drives hype (look at The DaVinci Code), so I don’t think the writers will care. Keep in mind, though, that the Jews (who the concepts of God and Satan in the Christian religion were birthed from) spent a LOT of time in slavery in Egypt, so their familiarity with these Pagan gods and concepts would be high, making it easy for a fiction writer to say that Jacob (or Sobek) is in fact the same god as “God” and Esau/Smokie/Set is “Satan”

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