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I rewatched the season finale again (for no reason other than it was good) and although it had occurred to me before, I just now actually asked myself this question. I wanted to get some other opinions/theories on this one:

What was with the look that MIL (Man In Locke) gave to Jacob when Ben mentioned Moses?

It was a knowing look, kind of like “there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.” How would Moses factor into the relationship between MIB (or MIL) and Jacob? Or is this just one of those fake outs that the crew is good for pulling?

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  1. I think the writers know that a major portion of the viewers think that the basis for this franchise is religious, I dont know whether or not it is, but I think they throw lines like that into the shows because it makes people think about the potential parallels… I think the most interesting part of this exchange is how concerned the fake Locke gets when Jacob tells him they are coming… I have a post about that in the for fun section, check it out.

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