Jacob or Evil’s Cabin?

I thought of this theory yesterday night, while in bed, and now have forgotten most of it, but I’ll write what I can remember;

What if “Jacob’s cabin” wasn’t Jacobs. I got this idea because of in the episode we first see Horace alive, he tells John in a dream that Horace is building a cabin for “him and his Mrs”. So if Horace is building the cabin, why is it Jacobs?
I then thought that the Evil man has been trying to plot a plan to kill Jacob, and the plan first started when black figure in the chair in Jacob’s cabin said “Help me” to John.
What if that black figure wasnt Jacob, what if it was the ‘evil man’? This is because it is a black figure, and the Evil Man wears black, and there is ash around the cabin and the Evil Man has been theorized to be the Smoke Monster. I think the only way the black figures way to be helped was to take over somebody’s body, so he took Locke’s.

I think the eye that we saw in the cabin wasn’t Jacob’s, it was the Evil Man’s, because that is his cabin. What if the Evil Man’s plot was to find someone who could see the cabin, or could speak to dead people (Horace). And so perhaps the Evil Man was trying to find the perfect person to overtake his/her body, and found Hurley and Locke, and chose Locke.

It is a bit ‘all over the place’, but it messily sums up my theory; That the guy in black clothes owns the cabin, he first chose to take over Locke when he said “Help me”, and that he is the smoke monster, because it is also black, and there is ash around the cabin, and ash can be related to smoke.


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One thought on “Jacob or Evil’s Cabin?

  1. I think the cabin is Jacob’s, except MIB took it over somewhere along the line. I also do not think that Smokey is in league with MIB, but of course I could be wrong. But if we are going to discuss the black vs. white = dark vs. light thing, I feel compelled to mention that the ash around the cabin is white, which contributes to why I think the cabin is Jacob’s.

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