Two Jacob?

I bet you all remember when we encountered Jacob at the cabin in Season 3. If you freeze the video at the exact moment as when you can examine

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6 thoughts on “Two Jacob?

  1. The Jacob from season 3 was some random guy on set. The role of Jacob wasn’t even cast then. There still could be two Jacobs, but the evidence shouldn’t be based on their physical differences.

  2. I doubt the person in the cabin during season 3 was Jacob or a “random guy.” They wouldn’t just show a random dude in the middle of Lost. It was probably the MiB and people have said that it looks like fakeLocke with his hood on. Also, Ben admitted he had no idea what was happening in the cabin. Even though he may be lying, it was confirmed by Jacob’s reaction that he had ignored Ben and not communicated with Ben.

  3. I know IMDB probably isn’t the best site to be referencing but I’m going to anyway… according to the trivia for this episode (The Man Behind the Curtain) it said
    “The part of Jacob had not been cast at the time of his appearance in

  4. Cookiesgalore23 – If everything you say is true I have to say I feel a little disappointed on the creators of Lost. I mean they knew when they made that scene that people would be highly-strung and start discussing about that scene – I mean it’s the first time we see Jacob, and they’ve not even prepared the casting for that one character so many fans have been dying to see – that’s just missleading.

  5. I agree with you. I was very disappointed when I read about it. The writers do know how, to put it bluntly, obsessed fans can get and how we would tear that scene a part to figure out who Jacob was. It was kind of rude of them…

  6. I’m for giving the creators some slack on this. Maybe they indeed have not cast the role yet because they didn’t know how important Jacob would be. We’re talking about season 3 here. Remember, this was the same season as the Nikki and Paulo fiasco. Which means that the creators were still floundering about “stretching” the plot like every Hollywood series before it. I don’t know if it is unprecedented in Hollywood tv history when the Lost creators pegged a highly lucrative series to end on a specific date, it sure is a very rare move. They said that after they decided to put a deadline on the series, they were able to focus more on what is important and not. Which makes for a very good storytelling for the rest of us.

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