What I think “could” happen in Lost’s final season

I was just thinking, Jack has down-right hated Locke for a period of time, but at the moment is beginning to realise he is right.
Considering that Locke is dead, he is going to be completely different to Jack, and I think this could rekindle some hatred.

I think Jack is going to die sooner than later, and like MIB, I think Jacob will take over Jack’s body, and Jacob will go head to head with MIB as if it were Jack v Locke.

I do also however think that both (if Jack dies) will revive somehow before the shows end.
I think this would be good, because it will have a bit more supernatural, a bit more tension, and also will help explain Jacob better by seeing how he reacts to things.

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5 thoughts on “What I think “could” happen in Lost’s final season

  1. Pez123, while it’s possible that Jacob could take over Jack’s body, IF he dies, why not just take over Locke’s body?

    He’s dead and is laying right on the beach, still fresh! lol

    What better way for Jacob and his Nemesis to ‘duke it out’, than to have it be between Real Locke and Fake Locke!

    That’s what I would like to see, anyway.

  2. Yeh I’m saying that because he is dead, he is able to take over dead people’s bodies much like MIB.

    I agree Dab, that would be sweet to see, and would be interesting to see who wins!

    BUT, how would it be Real Locke if Jacob is controlling his body?

    Keep in mind I am saying what I think “could” happen, so there are heaps and heaps of possibilities..

  3. I think there’s a reason that Illana & co. hauled Locke’s corpse miles across the Island, beyond convincing the Others that Locke is dead.

    Jacob needs a new home.

    This also explains why Illana was eyeballing Frank Lapidus and mentioning that he may be a ‘candidate’. A candidate for what? A host for Jacob(personally I think that would be incredible, the actor playing Lapidus has a presence that deserves a more important role in the plot).

  4. I feel Juliette would be the nearest and next candidate for Jacob although it would ruin the ‘Final Image’ as Matthew Fox said so I think its a nice guess ^^ Continue to unwind these never ending paths of LOST!

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