Sorry if this theory is already proposed — don’t know how to search this forum…

Could it be that Jacob’s past manipulations of the Losties — including his past visits to them (revealed in The Incident) and providing lists of names to Ben/Others in Seasons 2/3 — were for purposes of countering MIB’s loophole? In other words, Jacob manipulated things so the Losties would set of the Jughead core and reset history, so that Locke never died and MIB’s use of the loophole to kill Jacob never happened.

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Alternate realities. There I’ve said it; but what do I mean by alternate realities. Do I mean alternate timelines or an alternate world, (does one create the other?) that’s always existed. A world slighty different than this one but mostly the same. I mean both.  

If there is a way of skipping between alt timelines or realities then the island is the place where this has being going on for a long time. 

I believe Dharma was trying to create a breeding program with men from one reality and women from another. Was Ethan Rom or whatever his name is the first sucess. Alternate children?  

This is the reason for the fertility problems on island.  A cross reality bred child who straddled both realities would be the glue that enabled two competing timelines to survive, whilst also being a way to cheat the grandfather paradox. 

If a reality crossbreed  child was killed in one reality  he could still survive in both realities, because he comes from both places. Either he exists in both realties or he exists in neither. Because of this he keeps splitting the universe, and he never existed and always existed at the same time. Continuosly fracturing time and reality. Creating alternate realities with every breath he takes. Destroying the multiverse with every breath he takes.   
This child is the constant for the universe. An anchor of sorts that keeps everything in balance. Order and chaos. 

Maybe this the fate of Desmond and Penny’s son. To be the child of a man from one reality and a mother from another. Is it his destiny to kill his grandfather and survive the grandfather paradox?  

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I just thought I would try this general chat section out I have just bought some tickets to see derren brown live because I think what he does is amazing I’m just as obcessed with him him as I am with lost and I was wondering if anyone else on this site likes him and all and what you think of him I can’t wait to go the only thing is I’ve got 7 months to wait if any of you don’t no who he is I suggest you check him out he will have your jaw to the floor with everything he does

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As we all know and agree, religion and mythology figure prominently in the story of LOST. From the Egyptians right up to the Judeo-Christian religion, numerous references to Gods, statues, prophets, and stories of each mythology abound. Quite accidently, while reading “The Roots of Modern English” by L.M. Myers, a book on the origins of the English language (of all things!), I came across a story of an ancient Germanic conflict, and it seemed to parallel many of the themes found in LOST. The folklore goes that in 5th and 6th century England and Germany the main occupation of the population was hunting, fishing, and farming. They relaxed by eating, drinking, and listening to songs. However most of their more serious energy was devoted to fighting–sometimes for gain and sometimes for emotional reasons. But always in the background was a firm, even religious, belief that fighting was the proper business of man, and that the only respectable way to die was in battle. Their principal gods were Woden and Frigga, comparable to Zeus and Hera (Greek) and Jupiter and Juno (Roman). The common aspects of all three sets of gods is quite pronounced, namely that these gods are neither all-good nor all-powerful, but worthy of worship. Standing behind these gods are the three Fates (like the witches in MacBeth): old women beyond passion or personal interest, laying out the lines of the future with which even the gods cannot tamper.

As far as the afterlife goes, there is nothing comparable to the Christian idea of heaven. In the Germanic accounts, especially, not even the gods can look forward to an eternity of peace or happiness. They are temporarily ahead of their equally powerful enemies, the Giants, but the final battle (Ragnarok or Gotterdammerung) is still to come. For this battle Woden will need all the human heroes that he can get. Accordingly he keeps a corps of beautiful, hefty young female recruiting officers. These are the Valkyrie–meaning “choosers of the slain.” It is their duty to watch over battles, and whenever they see a worthy champion at the very peak of his valor and performance, they arrange for an enemy weapon to kill him. Then they take his spirit to Valhalla–the Hall of the Slain–where he goes into training for Ragnarok. Each day he fights gloriously with his peers. Each night, his wounds healed, he feasts with his companions. And in the end the great fight against the Giants will come, and it will really be the end, for neither side can win. They will destroy each other and the very earth on which they have lived, and nothing will remain but utter chaos.

Now how does this play out in our story? Well, Woden can be compared to Jacob, and the leader of the Giants our Man in Black, his archenemy. . Many on this site have stated that Jacob is neither purely good nor purely evil, just like the Germanic god, Woden.
They’ve been battling for centuries, preparing for their final standoff. Each and every story in Lost has to do with a battle of some sort, from the Jack/Locke, Jack/Sawyer, Michael/Jin conflicts, to the Losties/Others conflicts, to the Freighters/Others/Losties, Widmore vs. Ben, Ben vs. Locke,–we could go on and on. They have been tested, and perhaps some of the dead have been chosen and will return to fight again (Boone, Eko, Michael?). And now in Season 6, the final battle, the Gotterdammerung, is imminent. Whether one side will triumph, or both sides destroyed remains to be seen.

As for the Valkyrie, those beautiful female recruiting officers, are they perhaps the prototypes of all of the strong women in our story? Kate, Juliette, Charlotte, Ana Lucia, Libby, Shannon? The two guards in the Looking Glass Station (Bonnie and Greta)? All of these women are strong-willed and fierce, no shrinking violets here.

Then on to the Fates, ah the Fates! The older women who know the future is preordained and cannot be changed. Perhaps one of them is Eloise Hawking–always trying to keep the universe course-corrected. Could another be Rose? An older woman convinced from the beginning that her husband was alive, that was his fate. And by Season 5 she was finished with all the fighting, she knows how it is fated to end, and wants no part of it. The third is possibly Danielle Rousseau–she knows the Island’s secrets and remains a mystery.

As I stated in the first paragraph, I came upon this mythology quite by accident, and would like to know if anyone else has anything to add! I welcome your comments!

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Her behavior is odd. No real mother would be so driven to push her son into a situation where she kills him.

But they would if it was part of plan to protect her son. What if she tried to plug in a different variable. Someone else raised her son (like Aaron) and she took on a substitute son (like Ben’s Alex); her real son being someone abt. Daniel’s age (and in play on/with the island). A son she would push into physics over music and kill in the future/past, while her real son is ‘safe’.

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Sayid, the chicken killer, is clearly the Professor. He has inexplicable knowledge and is most likely to build a radio using 2 coconuts and a vine.

Mr. Howell – Hurley.
Mrs. Howell – Sun (girl grew up rich)

Skipper – Locke

Movie Star – Kate (geeze, they couldn’t have more guys falling in love with her).

Marianne – Clare (or maybe one of those invisible chicks who burned up with Fried-Frogert)

Gilligan – Charlie?

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Why did they LEAVE LAX (vs. Australia and go to it … )?

If it’s a time window, is it always one? Couldn’t there be another one in a few days/wks? Why is THAT window so impt? (Or was it a planned ‘urgency/emergency’ since their return doesn’t seem to have really changed events, except Sayid …)

Coincidence the Lamp Post is in LA? (and any reason it has a Dharma logo look – but no “Dharma” on the logo? trademark violation? *chuckle*) Is Australia another window?

(Also can’t figure out why no one’s pregnant, as happened both on the flight to the LAX and Sun returned pregnant. Seem’s somewhat impt…)

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We very well know that Lost blends perfectly paranormal with science. It does not cross the line of the unexplained paranormal, that makes makes most of movies/shows fail and so I don’t believe in the scenario God/Devil or Jacob/Esau.

So how can their presence be explained through science theories or proofs? Here is my take: fourth dimension! Time is treated like a fourth dimension(for example three dimensions to specify the place and the time as a fourth dimension), so if we take that Locke was on the island in 1st of March 2007 in X,Y,Z points and Jacob could see that(anytime, anywhere) then he would be a four dimensional being. For us he would be God, because he could see anything in our world anytime. For some reason probably Jacob is such a being.

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me and you should go out on a date!?????????????


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Well now we have the Official Season 6 poster.

On it we see 12 characters who we know are either dead (Faraday, Eko etc) or possibly dead (Locke, Claire and Juliet). This surely means that all these characters will make important appearances in the last series but to what effect? On the poster we see Shannon and Boone and also Libby and all three weren’t really major characters in the main storyline of Lost. As these people have made it onto the poster they must have important roles to play in the series’ conclusion because there surely won’t be any small storylines in Season 6 (such as the Nicky and Paulo episode).

What roles could these characters possibly play? Does the fact they are on there mean that time has been reset as many people theorise and we will end up back on flight 815?

The next observation is that none of the very new characters from S5 are on the poster. Ilana, Bram, Jacob and Nemesis have all failed to make it onto the poster for whatever reason. Has our relationship with these 4 characters just been a brief one and they have already played their parts in the storyline? Personally I don’t think so but who knows. Once again, maybe the time line has reset and we end up at a time before we met these people?

The final observation is possibly the most important one, John Locke. As every other Lostie stands facing towards us, Locke stands in the centre, back turned and looking over his shoulder. This image of Locke is obviously completely intentional but once again the question is why? Is it as simple as he has finally turned his back on his fellow Losties and he is now the bad guy (or however you want to put it)? Whichever way you look at it though, you cannot deny it is very unnerving!

What are everybody else’s thoughts on this very interesting image?

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I saw the whole series “Six Feet Under” and one episode stuck with me. Season two ends with the main character, Nate having brain surgery. As he goes under the anesthesia he starts dreaming. The next season opens with an episode called “Perfect Circles”. A must see for “Lost” fans, I think.

Nate has died on the operating table. He meets his dead father and goes through a series of visions of alternate realities he is told he must choose from. There are several sly references to cats in various realities. In the end Nate must make a choice to live or die and which life to live, then he opens his own casket – then the series writers did something very brave, They did a complete re-boot. It is six months or a year later and the lives of each character has changed from the previous season. Nate’s choice has touched the lives of all those he loved and loved him.

I place this under general discussion to see if anyone sees a relationship between what those writers did and the writers of Lost are planning for this season.

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Ok, ok…so we have right now many who believe that alternate realities on the show are imminent.

Some believe that when the bomb goes off, 815 lands in LA, and the Losties are “magically teleported” to their place on the plane, just in time for it to land in LA…

I guess my question(s) counters…or at least proposes more questions to ideas and theories that I, myself, believe in…but are still necessary for answering to have any sort of understanding of what will occure if they do indeed accomplish their goal of preventing 815 from crashing…

Remember, this is based on the thought that they do what they say and 815 never crashes…

Lets do this in three questions to gt the most detailed answers pertainig to each…

1) Do the Losties who lived on island, and arrive safely in LA after the detonation actually remember anything that occured on the island?

2)Would stopping 815 from crashing actually prevent “The Incident”…and other island incidents from occuring…or are they simply taking themselves out of the equation?

and lastly…

3)Are they really supposed to stop it from happening, even if it wasnt supposed to happen?

My answers are as follows…

1) They do remember…it would most likely occur the same way Desmond remembers Daniel Faraday telling him to find Hawking for help. A memeory that is either awoken, or added from a collision of their own consciences colliding…

2)The incident would more than likely not occure, but something far worse may.
The Dharma initiative is trying to control and manipulate the islands energy, as Chang said, to be able to control and manipulate time…Why would we as a a species not want to do that…lol, well look whats happening right now on Lost…this is an island out in the middle of nowhere, that allows the possibility of (near) apocalyptic disaster…imagine if people learned to harnass such a power in the real world…

3)I think that as much as some believe that changing the past by detonating the bomb is the necessary measure to save the world/island…we have to take into account one thing…who actually wants the Losties there…from the finale, it seems Jacob does…

And if Jacob wants the Losties to be there for whatever is going to happen in season 6, or whatever did happen in seasons 1-5, he may be the one who wanted the bomb to go off, to ensure that whatever happened…does not happen again.

Let me know your thoughts…

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I’ve briefly mentioned this before, and I know this is completely “old-hat” but if we are trying to consider every angle as a possibility in explaining the mysteries of LOST, then I have to throw it out there again… it has always been a bit troubling to me, and it is such a key factor to how the creators have been able to manipulate the entire show.  Once we were able to except this unbelievable fact, then everything that followed in their storyline became credible or at least was a possibility.   

Okay, here it is again… Who here on this sight, in their right mind would actually believe that a plane can crash in such a horrific way, splitting in two (maybe 3) in mid-air anywhere between 3 to 6 miles high (average commercial flights range between 5-6 miles), and that 74 people on board actually survive it?  Who believes that, ANYONE could survive it at all?!  I mean the creators all say that in the very first episode the answer is there, could it be that?  Many of us have gone over the episode (1&2) with a fine tooth comb searching for dialog and/or any physical clues… well, how about the fact that 74 passenger’s actually survived the crash?!  

Or did they?

This leads me to the button pushing theory (which I’ve seen a few times floating around websites including this one) and the fact that the Island’s time has been kept stationary only progressing 108 minutes before it resets and repeats, continually.  I have not fully calculated the dates but I’m sure many of you have, but lets say for the heck of it that it is 1978 that keeps repeating or some time right after the incident.  As people have theorized on this site, this is the reason why Locke can walk, why Rose is cured of cancer, why the 74 passengers’ survived the crash (not sure why the remainder of the passengers did not survive?  but that’s not important at the moment)… maybe this is why their wounds heal so fast, and maybe this is why we still see Charlie, Ana Lucia, Libby, etc. because technically they are not dead yet… on the island that is.  Again, Charlie: “I am dead but I am also here.”  His body is on the Island or at least within its circle radius. 

So the Locke we see now on the Island is still Locke, as well as the Christian still being Christian, because they have been sent back in time to a period where they are actually still alive.  Yet in their cases, they actually died off the island – Locke dying twice now if you count the original plane crash.  And this fact that Locke has died twice might have something to do with the “loophole” … I have not gone that far yet, but maybe if anyone buys into this thought process, they might be able to come up with something in regards…

Eco, Charlie, Ana Lucia, Libby… they all died again as well after the plane crash but yet on the Island which actually exists in another time.  So maybe, when they do die (again) on the Island, they may actually become aware of this phenomena.  Lets call it, “unstuck in time” (Slaughterhouse 5), a sort of limbo state of mind, but only momentarily until the Island time catches up with the date of the plane crash and their actual deaths in 2004.  I know the creators said that this was not limbo, and yet it isn’t – the characters would just be stuck in a suspended state.  When they die (again) on the Island they become aware of this state of limbo.  I mean, they seem to be able to die again on the Island (after the plane crash death), and yet still be able to communicate with the rest of the 815ers at times, but not be able fully live with them.  If they can not officially die until the Island time catches up with their 2004 plane crash death, and instead they go to a separate Island reality after their 2nd death (on the island), and so on… this may be why Christian came to get Claire and convince her to come with him that she did not belong in that reality…  Ana Lucia tells Hurley that Libby says, “hello”, well Libby & Ana Lucia have died twice now (counting the plane crash) and maybe they are in that second stage of death — still suspend in time waiting for the Island to catch up.

I know there are many holes in this considering Jack & the rest of the Oceanic 6 returned to the Island but in a different time period, and the fact that Sun produced a child on the island (how did she do that if she died) and now that child lives off the island, and obviously Claire and her child who was born on the Island… but maybe all those phenomena’s have to do with the fact that “We were not suppose to leave…”  Maybe they could leave and people in the outside world would recognize them as is but it goes against the rules of the “death code” on the Island, maybe this is why Ben had all those people killed, to try and course correct the fact that Jack & co were not suppose to leave, they are dead but with time tricks of the Island they actually seem to be alive.

What a tangled web…. I’m just trying to chip away off the top of my head, but every time I get to the end of my thoughts, I look back at what I’ve written and see a huge slice of Swiss-cheese!!  I’ll  toss this up anyway and maybe it will trigger someone else’s brain to take bit & peaces into another direction… or just merely tell me, “you my friend, are LOST”  – Chow!   

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I, like many of you (probably all) are anxiously awaiting for Feb 2nd to swing around so that we can have something new to discuss! Unfortunately we are all still stuck on last seasons finale and the questions are lingering. To me this is unacceptable, I want my answers! I know that in order to get those answers I must wait, but the least I can do is put together the information we have now to try and figure out what is going on.

Lets start with who is Jacob. Obviously a man, he needs to eat, needs shelter, etc. But what makes him so special? I think at some point in his life Jacob became a vessel, a vessel that has been inhabitated by some sort of power (a light/good power). This power allows him to travel through time and by touching the 815ers he is not only leading them to him (like a light house) but giving each a piece of his (light/good) energy.

Once Jacob was stabbed and burned to death in 2007 you would think that all of the power inside of him was lost. Possibly most of it was lost in 1977 (with those he touched), but their is still a piece of him in Sun – I will get back to this.

This is the point in my theory where everyone says “But he touched Locke,” and yes I have taken that into account! The day that Jacob touched Locke he gave him some of this light/good power as well. Later while on the island Locke had two interesting experiences with the black smoke monster. First time it just looked at him and flashed (similar to what it did to Kate & Juliet) and the second time it tried to drag him into a hole like one of the The French team members.

At this point Locke is the only character to have been touched by Jacob and the black smoke monster. Since then a war has broken out inside of John Locke, two entities fighting inside of him. When he visited the cabin for the first time, the energy inside of him and the energy in the chair came too close and all hell broke loose.

Now we have the Locke we all know and love jumping around through time, which if you really think about it can screw up a lot of things. Evil-Locke saw his former self (actually remembered it happening) jumping around with a bullet wound in his leg. He instructed Richard to tell his past self to bring everyone back and that he must die. He probably wanted his past self to die in order get rid of the second version, since his former self did not bring him back to the island anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment Locke turned that wheel, Evil-Locke popped up. We really have no idea how long Evil-Locke had been waiting on the beach for the Ajira flight to arrive, for Ben to come back.

Think about it, Evil-Locke told time jumping Locke to go die, meanwhile he is living all good in 2007. Having Richard tell Locke to bring everyone back and die was not how he got to where he was in 2007 otherwise Evil-Locke would still have needed Locke alive.

Evil-Locke was probably not expecting Ben and Jack to bring the dead body back with them.

***If light/good energy or power can be killed by fire, I want to guess that dark/bad energy or power can be killed by water*** This makes me believe that Smokey cannot leave the island and that Christian is an entity of Jacob because he met Michael on the freighter to say goodbye.

If “They are coming” means that the touched 815ers found some way back to Sun (the lighthouse), then maybe Sun is “the one who will save us all”

Any thoughts?

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A bit of LOST humor here:

and here:

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Prior to Daniel Faraday’s untimely demise, he has a conversation with Jack and convinces him that if they follow his theory based upon ‘The Variables’, and they detonate ‘Jughead’ at the Swan Station, Flight #815 should safely land in LA, never having crashed on ‘the island’. In part, this was accurate with the exception that Daniel didn’t think through all of the potential scenarios that might possibly occur.

He didn’t consider all of the aspects of Quantum Mechanics. Had he have survived, he may have eventually made the proper considerations regarding the detonation of ‘Jughead’. Quantum science tells us that there is not a flat line running from the past to the future. This is the view of most people, but it is based on the old science, and is no longer true. Einstein has proven that time is not fixed, it expands and it contracts. And, time has a vertical dimension. There are many ‘lanes of time’ running simultaneously and you can change lanes. You can begin in one lane, then change lanes to produce a different outcome than you expected in the original lane. This means there are multiple possibilities existing simultaneously in any instant, subject to our conscious and intentional choice.

The power exists to direct awareness through this field of creative intelligence that scientists call the quantum hologram. Through powerful thought it can activate another vertical strand of time. When you tap into an alternate possibility timeline where what you are imagining exists as reality, having the feelings of experiencing that reality puts you into vibrational harmony with the frequency of that timeline. Your visualization selects one of the possible scenarios within that timeline to merge with your present timeline. At the time, Daniel Faraday and ‘the losties’ were unaware that ‘the incident’ was the catalyst for this situation occurring.

What does this suggest? I suspect that we will see ‘alternate realities’ created from ‘the incident’, one where ‘the losties’ do land safely in LA, and another which still places them on ‘the island’, experiencing different histories and timelines. These will run simultaneously as outlined in the description of ‘merging timelines’, with ‘the losties’ travelling in both lanes. This concept of ‘sidewise’ time travel, a term taken from Murray Leinster’s “Sidewise in Time,” is often used to allow characters to pass through many different histories and timelines, all descendant from some common branch point. In this case, it would be ‘the incident’ and the detonation of ‘Jughead’ that creates the common branch. Often worlds that are similar to each other are considered closer to each other in terms of this ‘sidewise travel’.

With conscious awareness and a little help along the way, ‘the losties’ can choose to merge the timeline that best fits. Perhaps, this was the significance of Jacob touching each of them. They were ‘key elements’ required in a much larger picture, and he was ensuring their presence and participation; choosing the fate and destiny of mankind and perhaps the world, for reasons we are still unaware. I guess the real question would be is, will they make the right choice and merge the best timeline for a safe and secure future?

I suspect the experiences they will have in Season 6, will provide them with many tough choices and challenges to arrive at their conclusion. The margin for error certainly exists, as do the betrayals of each side pulling them in different directions for a desired outcome. As viewers, we are in for an incredible season that only Lost could provide, in the style that we have become accustomed to. Start your engines and fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a wild and crazy ride with some detours in the road ahead!

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So the majority of theories (or maybe even all of them) are discussing multiple timelines splintering and converging. am I the only stubborn one who thinks otherwise? just sort of a poll/show of hands type question. cheers and almost happy turkey day for the yanks on the site.

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I’ve always wondered why Sun was left in the present when everyone else from 815, along with Juliet and Miles, ended up in ’77. Could it be with alternative timelines happening they all need a beacon home and Sun is their constant?

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Let’s understand something about the Season 6 premiere, February 2, 2009. The producers could have chosen the prime time slot from any mid-week day. The question is, did they chose to air the last season’s episodes on Tuesdays, or did they choose to air the premiere on Feb. 2?

If you haven’t seen the 1993 film Groundhog Day, read about it here . In short, Bill Murray relives the same day of his life until he gets it right.

Sound familiar? Was that not the whole purpose of detonating the bomb, to relive a particular day in the survivor’s lives? What does the idea of living the same day over and over say about the previously vented timeloop theories?

After Season 1, each premiere has delivered a reveal almost immediately.
Season 2 – There’s a person in the hatch!
Season 3 – There’s a civilized village with cookies, book clubs and indoor plumbing on the island!
Season 4 – Hurley and 5 others made it off the island!
Season 5 – Farraday was on the island during Dharma time!

My prediction is that we learn of some Groundhog Day timeloop late on Groundhog Eve.

Season 6 – Someone’s reliving a day/period of time in their lives?

So, what do you think, is it just another Tuesday, or does Groundhog Day mean something?

Pretty appropriate that the season dubbed to have all the answers begins with a small hint and a big question.

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