Off-island baby. Trick. Rules. Leader.

This was meant as a question, but I fleshed out as a theory (with questions).

Leaders are from off the island. Others would recognize them because Jacob brought them so they are special.

-Ben raised Alex and later thought she would be the next leader.
-Widmore fathered a child off-island, which broke a rule (probably so they didn’t try to manipulate the system and have dynasty’s, even by trickery so Others accepted them as leader whether or not chosen).

Widmore’s child is assumed to be Penny, BUT he was kicked off after Alex was born and she was only 16ish when the losties arrived. Therefore, the child in question is either a new character 10-16 OR the Others just found out about her (how?) OR Ben finally arrived (though I believe he was told how to get rid of Charles from whichever island source has been feeding him).

If it’s the latter, what is the ‘trick’ Ben pulled … perhaps sending someone Charles loves (Eloise?) off-island so he didn’t think it was a rule breaker?

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One thought on “Off-island baby. Trick. Rules. Leader.

  1. Hi waycurious, I think Lostpedia confirms that Penny is the result of Charles Widmore’s off-island affair.

    I also was waiting to learn how Ben tricked Widmore. Those were Widmore’s words however, so was he telling the truth or, did Ben possibly set-up this off-island affair to trick Widmore into breaking the rules?

    I hope we find out more on that.

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