We may be lost without Adam & Eve

I’m a first time poster, but long time TOL reader. This is what I believe will happen in Season 6:
1. We will discover that Jacob and the Man in Black are actually Jacob and his brother from biblical times. However, I don’t know how they wound up on the island and how they have been able to survive through today.
2. We will learn that the show’s title, “Lost”, amongst its many meanings, refers to the so called lost tribes of Israel who became “lost” by way of being attacked by the Assyrians c. 722 BC as my internet research has shown. I also suspect that we will learn that Richard Alpert is part of the Assyrians, if not a high ranking leader, and that this will tie in somehow to the heiroglyphics that has been seen on the show.
3. We will learn that the story of Adam and Eve, and life as we now know it, is directly tied as a consequence to the actions of Jacob, the Man and Black, the Black Rock, the Others, Dharma, the Losties and yet to be discovered groups stories. Moreover, I believe that this will help validate two battling truisms of the ages, that is, evolution and creationism. Evolution will be validated to have always existed, but due to the actions started by Jacob and his brother (Man in Black) through the Losties time, “Adam and Eve”(whether it’s Bernard and Rose or another man and woman) had to, in a sense, jumpstart or restart everything to create life as we now know it today. Without this “Adam and Eve jumpstart/restart” then life as we now know it would not exist.
The basis for much of this lies in what I have read and heard about JJ Abrams, his background, preferences and comments he has made in conjunction with the many postings I have read from the users of this site.
I know I left out many details, but I would love to get feedback on what I think and build off it to see where it goes. AmILost?

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17 thoughts on “We may be lost without Adam & Eve

  1. nice thoughts. but jj abrams isnt involved in the show. he directed the pilot. and hasnt been part of the show for some time. lindelof and cuse are responsible for the story line

  2. Eko, thanks for the compliement. On Abrams, per Wikipedia, he did put the show in motion after Lloyd Braun contacted him. But he only agreed to do the show on his terms, that is, if it had a supernatural element to it. That being said, I believe much of the show is of his influence. And based on what I’ve heard and read on many various sites – sorry, I did not keep a log of this – I’ve reached my BELIEFS on how the show will play out. Tell me, from what I theoriaed, what do you think holds water and does not? Thanks.

  3. well i believe that there indeed is a religious aspect to the show, but i believe you go too deep into the textual history of religion. I believe it will be based more loosely on religious scripture, taking some ideas and going their own way with it.

    that is my opinion

  4. Nice! There’s always been this theme that the stakes are huge (“God help us all”, “Saving the world by pressing the button”, etc.) If there’s a time loop involving creation of life/civilization as we know it, then the stakes truly are the entire human race.

    At this point I’m almost certain the Island will end up being the underlying reality behind “Garden of Eden” and “Underworld” stories of antiquity.

    My only disagreement is on you nitty-gritty specifics. While I can envision the plot invoking generic connections to Egyptians or Ancient Mesopotamia, I don’t think they’ll bring in Assyrians, 722 BC etc — we only have 18 hours of episodes left after all. 🙂

  5. I would be quite disappointed if Lost turns out to be a spin-off of the Bible. And I think it would annoy quite many other viewers throughout the world as well.

  6. Thanks, Rick! We shall soon see in 2 months how all of this starts playing out. In the meantime, I’ll put my two cents into this site when I believe I come up with something relevant and of value.

  7. Statue, I understand that you would be disppointed and that others might be annoyed, but I think that the Bible will only wind up being one element of the entire story.

  8. I think MIB is the biblical brother of Jacob (BBOJ) and somehow he and Jacob (BJ) have been going at it ever since BBOJ was blessed by his blind father after he (and his mother) deceived him to think he was BJ whose right it was to be blessed by him because he was first born. I don’t know how they get involved with the island, or how the circumstances that currently exist came to be from them, but I suspect that which one of them is ultimately the blessed one plays a part in the story. Then again, I could be quite wrong.

  9. AmILost, I have my doubts that Lost will be firmly addressed with people named in the Bible. I am certain that the writers do not want to offend any religion and will steer clear of it, on that basis.

    Where I do agree with you, I think the parables will be made, even if subtle to give viewers an overall understanding of faith. I feel some of those issues will apply to the ancient civilization that once existed, and how that plays out in present island terms and beliefs.

    I think the writers can tell their story for us to make the biblical connections, without specifically drawing inference from the bible.

    I really like where you are headed in terms of the ideas you presented, sans the direct biblical references.

    Congrats on your first theory!

    Nice work!

  10. All sorts of science fiction stories have a “savior” theme – which you could say is a biblical reference – however the bible isn’t the only religious book that includes a savior – metaphorical or more.

    I really like your thoughts about how important Adam and Eve will be to the LOST story – but if they are indeed that important – then they are not Rose and Bernard. They’ve only had one flashback. I consider them minor characters. I think their purpose is to represent the idea that love conquers all.

    Just for biblical fun:

    Adam and Eve had two sons.
    Cain and Abel.
    Cain kills Abel.
    Cain is marked by God and cannot be killed.

    Switch the names out with LOST characters!

  11. I’ve thought of Jacob and MIB being Cain and Abel before. Just wondering how we would get around Able being dead. Neil Gaiman used them in his Sandman series where they lived in Dreams world, an Other kind of place. Cain killed Abel over and over again.

  12. Roland: Maybe the MIB/Abel that we saw on the beach is a manifestation of Jacob’s, like Kate’s horse, ect. So he can be dead but also on the island because Jacob “brought him there” via Jacob’s memory.

    Or if you believe in ALT – MIB is dead in one timeline but alive in the other and both he and Jacob have the capability to cross between the two.

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