Hey everybody,
It’s been awhile since I’ve time to think much about Lost, but a new thought occured to me the other day and I don’t know if it’s been brought up yet, and if it has I’m sorry to be repeatitve.

Sorry for reffering back to religion, but what if Aaron is the anit-Christ? In the first season, we learn about Claire and her situation regarding her pregnancy. An Aunstralian fortune teller told her that “great danger surrounds this child” or something like that. At first, he is fearful enough not to read Claire’s fortune, telling her to take the money and leave. Later Claire comes back, and he tells her that there is a darkness or something bad. He tells her that she, Claire, must raise this child herself and not give him up for adoptin. He calls her and begs her not to let Aaron go. He says that Claire’s good influence must be a part of this child’s life or there is a great danger. He even books a flight for 815 so that Claire would get stuck on the island and be forced to raise Aaron.

So… if there is such a great danger surrounding the child, and Claire’s “good influence” must be apart of his life, could Aaron be the anti- Christ?

I myself am undecided, and there are two reasons why: 1) If Aaron is the anti-Christ then it would be years before he could do any damage. But that may not matter if the main battle belongs to MIB and Jacob. Also, there is the jumping timeline that could boost Aaron’s age. 2) And the fortuneteller must not have been so great if he could not see that Kate would end up raising Aaron. However, was he lying and really wanted Kate to raise Aaron? Or are the island’s powers too great so that they sheilded Kate from him? Or is the fortuneteller working for somebody? Is there another reason why the fourtuneteller couldn’t see that?

So please let me know your thoughts. And don’t be afraid to point out any stupid idea I have lol. Thanks!

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From Michigan, USA

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Well I was watching season three over again and in the first episode you see the plane crash from the others perspective. After that the camera backs all the way up to show you the entire town is in he VERY center of the island.

Then I re – watched season 5 and I noticed that when Sun and Lepidus are going to  go find all the other losties we see them dock their boat then walk past the dock and BOOM there in dharma ville.

Yet season 3 showed us that dharma ville was surrounded by mountain and no where near the ocean.

Is there more then one dharma town? How about the time jack, locke, and saiyed were escorting mikehail, when they suddenly come up upon dharma ville. They noticed the pylons of death and jack said they’ll just go around. Mikhail says there is now way around. The pylons surround the town. Jack takes out his map and low and behold he wasn’t kidding.

Q. What does that  have to do with anything?

A. Well as I recall Sun and Lepidus never saw the pylons they just walked into the town.

Then I read highbrows theory about the building Sun and Lepidus met christian in still had the pictures of dharma up. ana how the others probably would have took them down if they lived there,

Did something happen before or after the losties left. There was 2 times where no losties were on the island. Before the crash and When they left.

2 groups are on the island

lefties – these guys left the island there were 8 of them.


seventies – these guys were left behind and were transported back to the seventies.

So what losties are on the island between 2007 – 2009 (or 2010)? None. What could have happened between that time before the losties came back?

Maybe dharma came back for one last stand. Maybe the others split into 2 groups. one for MIB (pre un – locke.) and Jacob. It would explain why some others kidnap which doesn’t seem very jacoby at the moment. So maybe they were working for MIB (pre un – locke).\

I’ve been gone for a while so what do you think.

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Yesterday I finished watching season 5 on dvd. When watching the deleted scenes something clicked. I think I know why Ben, Sun, and (F)locke didn’t end up in 1977. John Locke DID NOT ask Sun to return to island due to his promise to Jin. Everyone the real Locke asked to return ended up in 1977, those he didn’t ask did not… That’s how simple it is…

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Achalli wrote a simple theory entitled “The “why” of Rchard Alpert”, which initially got me thinking deep in Lost for the first time in a while.

This is in regards to the men and monster listed in the title, and how they connect…

Jacob met Richard long ago.
Richard is, from past Lost episodes, a strong possibility of being a former BlackRock passenger, so we will play that angle.

Richard arrives on the island… after of course, a quick visit from the “great man” himself, Jacob off island(possibly even being told he needs him for something). And most certainly blessing/apologizing, and a quick touch.

He knows he must get aboard the ship, something I imagine will cost him something very important. And he knows he is supposed to do something…he just doesnt know what. This sound familiar? So he does what many Losties do, and that is get stuck on the god foresaken island.

He meets Jacob again, and upon meeting him is met with an understanding that his “destiny” is yet to come…so what does he do…he waits…and waits…and waits…and waits…and truthfully…I think he is still waiting.

I know Achalli had a great thought that Jacob had Richard assist him in capturing MIB, and that is why he gave him the gift of immortality. There is a rising debate of whether immortailty given to Richard is a gift…or a punishment, but I think that could only be decided by the bearer of the power…Richard himself.

I think when we learn Richard Alpert’s back story, we will learn that he is not only the most patient islander we know, but possibly even the saddest story of anyone on the island. Whether king or peasant from the past, or even the future, I believe we will see the cold, ageless man lovingly care about someone in his story.
I believe his journey will begin as many Losties have, by trying to either escape…or find something/someone. By the time of his arrival to the island, I would imagine he doesnt have any family to return to, any relatives or friends waiting. He has no reason to leave the island. He has no reason to fight. He is Jacobs best chance of accomplishing his mission of proving MIB wrong.
That when “they” come… “They” dont fight, “They” dont destroy…”They” dont corrupt…

Richard Alpert is Jacobs chosen one.

Some theorized he will be Jacobs body, or maybe he will be Jacobs voice vengance…I actually think more than anything, Richard will turn out to be Jacobs voice.

Richard is known for holding empty hands when in threatening situations.
With Young Ben in the Jungle.
With Dharma upon “LaFleur’s” arrival.
With Sawyer and Kate bringing Ben into the Jungle.
And most importantly with Faraday pointing a gun straight in his face.

I don’t believe MIB is necessarily bad, or Jacob good. I believe like most mysteries on Lost, and in the strange world we live in ourselves, it is more a matter of opinion, belief, or even faith if you will.
The people Jacob and MIB discuss are not the people of Black Rock, or even 815…just people in general.
MIB believes that people arriving to the island that possess the power of “ours” will lead to destruction…bottom line. He believes they will gain power and knowledge, and fight, corrupt, and destroy themselves.
Jacob believes that people will be capable of coinciding with such a power. Jacob believes that man will not fight, destroy, and corrupt. Jacob believes that MIB is wrong. And Ricardus is the first one in our story, that Jacob chose to prove MIB wrong.

It seems as if MIB is protecting the island, and Jacob protects the people. Both seem willing to sacrifice, fight, and die for what they believe…and whoever it is that turns out to be correct, will most likely not only make the decision of what Richard Alperts true purpose is, but if what Jacob did to him is a gift…or a punishment.

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I find Richard Alpert to be one of the most intriguing characters on Lost. He is certainly one of the most mysterious. One of the few things we know about Alpert is that Jacob is responsible for making Alpert ageless. I’m fascinated on the ‘why’ aspect and have been trying to come up with possibilities. Why would Jacob make Alpert ageless and seemingly immortal?

And the possibility that I came up with is that it is a reward from Jacob. I believe Richard did something that was of great benefit to Jacob and Jacob granted Richard the ability to stop aging and longevity of life. But what could Richard have done? We know that Jacob and Nemesis have opposite philosophical views and that they have been trying to prove each other wrong. Maybe the situation involving the crew of the Black Rock (which most of us are assuming Richard was on and is the same ship we see in the Season 5 finale) and Nemesis got so out of hand that it called for drastic action on Jacob’s part. Since Jacob can’t kill Nemesis according to their rules the next best thing that Jacob could do is imprison Nemesis. From what we’ve seen so far it is implied that Jacob and Nemesis can not take direct action against each other but maybe they can interfere with each other’s plans so Jacob has Richard imprison Nemesis in the part of the Island that the cabin is eventually built on. So as a reward for doing this Jacob grants Richard agelessness and longevity. Not only that he makes Richard his liason to the Others and tasks Richard with keeping an eye on the Others. And ever since then Richard has done Jacob’s bidding.

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I was just wondering how believable/reliable the sources of spoilers are? I have been reading through some Season 6 spoilers recently (none of which i will mention here) and the 3 sources which appear more than any are DarkUFO, E! Online and a Hawaii resident.

Do i take these spoilers with a large pinch of salt or are many of them quite close to the truth when it comes to Season 6 events? I know that until the episodes actually air we won’t know exactly how reliable the sources have been but i’m just curious.

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Was it the only way for them to return to the island? And why would Ilana and Bram tote it all the way to the shadow of the statue just to have a proper island burial? Also, why did Christian’s body disappear whereas Locke’s remained in the cargo hold?

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Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sayid “flashed” off 316 because they had been to the island before, right?

Did they (+ Rose & Bernard, Jin, and Sawyer) “flash” off 815 because they had been to the island in the 1970’s? Were they unknowingly recreating/acting as proxies for another group of people Jacob brought to the island (like the Black Rock)? Are proxies limited to type of vessel?

In order for the 815 crew to have flashed to 2004 (instead of another time due to not having enough proxies that mirrored the last vessel’s passengers) – did the Black Rock have to have the following “characters” ?:

– Jack (maybe a doctor, the “transporter” of a coffin, or specifically somebody who lost their father)
– Rose (maybe somebody with cancer, somebody who found their soul mate later in life)
– Bernard (maybe a dentist, somebody who found their soul mate later in life)
– Jin (maybe an ex-soldier, maybe someone unable to have children)
– Kate (maybe a murderer or stealer or con-(wo)man, a “runner”)
– Sawyer (maybe a murderer or con-(wo)man, a person who became who they hated)
– Hurley (maybe someone obsessed with numbers, struggled with weight, talked to dead people)

Maybe these “characters” are a form of the idea/concept of reincarnation – being that the core of who they are will be repeated in different people for all of time until somebody progresses beyond their core. I don’t know if proxies are gender specific – reincarnation isn’t.

Anyway – just thinking outloud. Any thoughts?

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This is a blast from the past question:

Kate tells Jack she was conscious during the crash of 815 and remembers everything. I’m fairly certain she’s the only one to claim this. I know she was the last one to put on her oxygen mask…but oxygen, is just oxygen…..it shouldn’t have made everyone else not remember crashing, right?

Did anyone ever come across or have their own theory on why Kate remembers?

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We all know that lost is about White vs Black. Who wins the game?
I think that Seth and Jacob were playing a game, and Seth broke rules of a game and now they are all destined to die. The island is no more a paradise, the island became hell at the moment Ben killed Jacob. The whole time is shifted and the ones that played a game together(The ones that were touched by Jacob, and the ones that were cheated by Seth) are now on their own. They are all trapped in time and the only way out of this is with winning the game.
When the game would be won, we are going to see a big white plane in flames on the sky. Maybe the writers are telling us that no matter how you try, you cant escape from what has been done, you are LOST forever.

I am not gonna lie to you, guys. This is some heavy physics stuff. But everything checks out.
Everything that is happening now is the game. Get it. Everyone is the player. They are some evidence that proof that this game started to play in ancient civilizations. The meaning of lost is, that the game never ended, and that people who found them self in the middle of it, were all the same.

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Emily Locke tells them the baby’s dad is at least 20 years older then her, she was 15. In Cabin Fever when Richard is standing at the door, the nurse ask Mrs. Locke if that’s the baby’s father, she says, no, but looks at him like he knows him… Just an idea…

I also think it’s still a possibility that John & Bed have the same mother, w/ the name, and the premature births. The age differences also works w/ Locke being born to a 15 year old, and Ben’s mother appeared to be in her 30’s… So it’s still possible. (I don’t know if this was discussed prior to me joining this site.)

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This is long, but connects many discussions. Thanks to all. (I had a better one, but then it wanted me to login : ( )

This is based on the following premises (which may not be true, but assumed so here).

Smokie is MIB or his minion. MIB/Jacob are adversaries. Where-not-supposed-to-be-Walt is Smokie.

Walt says “don’t press the button. the button is bad.” Not pressing button is what MIB wants.

When you don’t press the button
-Communication is restored
-Widmore’s people come in w/guns blazing (not ‘the good guys’)
-Electromagnetic anomolie
-Destroys the world
-Anyone got any ideas to add?
These are things MIB wants.

Who wants button pressed are Jacob’s side.
-Mr. Eko. After epiphany decides he needs to do it – then is killed by Smokie.
-Mrs. Hawking. Convinces Des. it’s the only important thing he’ll do.
-Libby. Gives Des the boat that gets him to the island. (Hurley reason not known but impt.)
-Dharma (most)/De Groots. They made the button. (and advertise for those who ‘want to save the world’)
-Daniel. Sent by Mrs. H and went to AA to figure it all out.

As for Dharma, I’m not so sure about Horace (who brought Ben and seemed kinda’ kill crazy) and Radzinski (who designed the Swan and worried about spys – though wanted Sayid dead … of course, if he was he wouldn’t have shot Ben … )

Alpert. Think he manipulates in MIB’s favor, invoking Jacob’s name. [Jacob must be ‘historically’ known to be a great man (who wants to save the world?) to the Others or MIB could just as well be named.] May be double-agent.
-Tested John (turned him down 1st, Jacob?)
-Brought Juliette (who sets off Jughead and causes incident, which MIB wants)
-Lets Daniel try to diffuse and eventually move Jughead (Jacob?)
-Took away Ben’s innocence (told him to be patient – MIB)
-Told Ben it was Jacob, not MIB, in the cabin (to which Horace is tied, too. Also, MIB seemed imprisoned in the cabin; perhaps to hold back his evil ways? Alpert seemed concerned Ben was bringing John to ‘Jacob’. Maybe he didn’t really want him out, either, or coulda’ kicked the dust.)
Note: John seems to be Alpert’s wildcard flip. Maybe he was a ‘sign’ from MIB. I think seeing Jacob die will turn him against MIB.

Ben. Poor Ben. Think he was duped. : ( Brought along the others.

Widmore is interesting ‘cuz he questioned Alpert’s ‘leadership’ in the 50s and has at least a slight alliance w/Hawking/Dharma?

Think it’s interesting Dharma built over Jughead (Jacob protection) and Ben has direct link to Smokie (anyone know whose house he took over? Horace’s, perhaps?)

Now, for the variables – primarily LOVE. I think it ‘fixes’ the MIB plan. Specifically, though Smokie corrupts through love relationships, sacrificial love is more powerful.
-Charlie stopped the jamming for Claire’s love.
-Juliette smashed Jughead out of love.
-John left the island (something he worked hard at never doing) to help his friends.
-Daniel is giving is life for love of Charlotte.
-Michael … Roger …
(MB uses hate, too, think killing of Cooper and even Jacob (by killing Alex).

The rules could be to keep from HATING (established by Jacob. Killing kids def. can spur up hate.)

Love themes to be explored – Jack’s pain. Jin/Sun/(missing kid). Claire/Aaron. Ben/Annie. Rose/Bernard. Adam/Eve. Hurley has some big part (no pun intended). He loves Charlie AND Libby (and just everyone, man).

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Happy Christmas one and all!

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I’ve seen a bunch of theories on here about the relationship between Locke, Flocke, Smokey, and whether Ben was tricked or has a plan, so I figured I would chime in, but there are so many theories and comments that I got overwhelmed and so I’m just making my own.

We’ll start with Locke and Flocke. Personally I don’t buy the two timelines theory, and thus I think that Locke himself is indeed dead. But that brings up the question, who is Flocke? I think that Flocke is MIB. now, we’ve only seen MIB, as we know him, once that being when he was talking to Jacob on the beach and watching the Blackrock off shore. He refused to eat the fish, and passively aggressively told Jacob that he didn’t agree with what he was doind and that he would eventually find a way to kill him (Jacob).
Personally, I think that we have seen MIB many times throughout the series. I think that he can make himself to appear to be other people, provided they are dead. He appeared as Yemi, He appeared as Alex, and maybe he even appeared as Boone when Locke was in the sweat lodge after the hatch imploded. Possibly he appeared as Anthony Cooper, for Locke/Sawyer to kill. Also, and this one is important, I think he appeared as Ben’s mom when Ben was a young kid. However, this will bring people to say, “Why didn’t he appear as a dead person and convince someone to kill Jacob a long time ago?” Well, maybe he can only stay in these dead people’s forms for a certain amount of time, and the more “special” they are to the island, the more he can do with their bodies. Therefore, when he poses as Locke, who was quite special (being paralyzed and being able to walk), he can inhabit that form for as long as he likes.
Now, if he posed as Ben’s mom a long time ago, and Jacob has never acknowledged Ben, perhaps Ben has been under the influence of MIB all along without knowing it. And all of his plans and manipulation have played right into MIB’s hands.
Jacob has brought so many people to the island, and used them for his plans, perhaps MIB decided that if he were going to kill Jacob, he would need to play that game, and he brought Locke and Ben to the island, or he at least usurped them and used them for his own plans.

Also, as a bit of a side note, I think that Smokey is a minion or at least under the control of MIB. This may be shown by the fact that Smokey comes at the beck and call of Ben, until Flocke/MIB doesn’t want Ben to use Smokey. So Smokey is loyal to MIB first, and will obey Ben if MIB approves.

So, all of this begs the question, how much does Ben know about his own manipulation? Because we can’t deny that Ben is extremely clever and manipulative, So if he were to find out just how much he played into MIB’s hands, would he turn on MIB and use his cleverness against MIB? Has MIB bitten off more than he can chew with Ben? He successfully killed Jacob (who knows if he will come back or whatnot, Jacob’s still an enigma), but he still has to deal with the Losties and Richard, and these new people i.e. Iliana, and the other people that seem to know Jacob and are carrying Locke’s body.

If I keep going I’m going to get into another theory of mine about the coming war, so I’ll stop here for now before this turns into something else entirely.

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So, I just rewatched the episode where Sawyer finally gets his revenge. Sawyer asks Anthony Coooper, and he explains how he basically woke up on the island after a car accident. In his story he says he remembers a paramedic smiling at him while giving him a shot. Who else thinks the paramedic was Jacob? Similar, to how the oceanic 6 had a run in with him pre island…

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I simply figured I’d post this in the just for fun section. For those of you that haven’t noticed or haven’t readd the book, Watership Down, I’ve realized that Sawyer has nearly the same characterization as the character Bigwig.
In the first season Sawyer is repeatedly seen reading the book, Watership Down. And throughout the show (which has plenty of references to the book through all the seasons), Sawyer follows the same characterization path as Bigwig. He’s a jackass that is big and throws his weight around, but no one really likes him. Then as the story goes on, he shows his soft side a bit more, and becomes the group’s protector of sorts, and always treats everyone with a tough love attitude.
This isn’t a theory it’s just something I noticed and thought was interesting. Hope you enjoy.
Happy Holidays.

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It does seem a little stupid to require that someone types those numbers manually into a computer every 108 minutes, doesn’t it? One would have expected Dr Chang to be more inventive than that. It’s more like a strange dream than a security system at a nuclear installation. Can someone think of another reason for this non-practical and dangerous solution (beside the Lost story-telling point of view)? Didn’t they have time to come up with something better before almost everyone died? But why requiring that a number sequence is entered?

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I saw a commercial for Lost Season 6, and I can not find it online now.  Did anyone else happen to see it?  Here is a synopsis:

There is acoustical guitar music playing and it is a folksy soft song.  They flash through most of the characters from lost and there is some voiceover stuff too.  I don’t know if anyone else saw this or if this was all in my imagination.  Anyone else remember this?  I first saw it 2-3 weeks ago.  Thank you.

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