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This theory is basically just brainstorming, so it could be a bit brief or leave out some main parts or something, so please just stick with me 🙂

What if, when the Losties detonated the bomb, an alternative timeline began. This has been explored, but I will add my own element to it.

With that alternative timeline, comes course correction, and what “should” have happened to some of our Losties. The big one here is John Locke. In the alternative, course correcting timeline, what if it was Locke who climbed that wall to the plane, and NOT Boone, therefore unfortunately killing Locke.
THEN, the MIB would ‘take over’ Locke much earlier. This could explain Locke’s love for the island and why he was called ‘crazy’ by Jack. Lets just say somehow Jack knew there was something different about Locke.

Also, some Losties will remain on the island after the detonation, and others will arrive at LA X. This would again be because of course correction. Some were MEANT to go to the island, other Losties werent.

But there will be TWO timelines: The real timeline, and the alternative course correcting timeline. By this, I mean that the Losties who were meant to NOT go to the island will arrive at LA X, and the ones who WERE supposed to go to the island will stay on the island, but in the same time. So everything that has happened wont be forgotten.

This will then somehow bring the Losties who were sent to LA X back to island somehow, but that isnt what this theory is about.

I dont know if that made a lot of sense to some of you, but no matter how anyone writes on this, we’re not going to know until next season.

So thankyou 🙂

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