It took me awhile but  I do think there are going to be two timelines, the evidence is pretty overwhelming. I have been a big believer in WHH and feel the only instance of this not being the case is Jack and company setting off the bomb at the Swan site. Perhaps there have been ripples leading up to that incident but I’m not sure. Regardless, if it is a total reset or something else John Locke would be alive again. The John Locke we have known is dead and Flocke is the guy we were introduced to along with Jacob on the beach. I think this will set up him coming back to the island somehow with the rest of the Losties and will then have two John Lockes in close proximity to each other which Pierre Chang says is bad news.

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2 thoughts on “Reset

  1. In a second reality John Locke landed in LAX still in wheel chair, discouraged and getting hazed at work for failing his “Walkabout” (I guess that means I CAN tell you what to do LOSER!)

    And then a very confused and troubled Jack shows up and tells him he has a greater destiny and tries to convince HIM to go back to the island because something bad will happen if he doesn’t. (irony of ironies?)

    So there will be three John Lockes eventually. The one that died, the one that lived and the possibly Fake Locke…

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