The role of Desmond next season

I was watching the first episode of Season 5 the other day, and I have thought of what Desmond’s role will be next season in Season 6.

When he and Daniel meet at the hatch before a ‘flash’, Daniel tells Desmond that he is the only one that can save them, and that the rules do not apply to him. I couldn’t figure this out, as Desmond didn’t play a major part in Season 5. Now I know what he could do next season.

If there are two timelines next season, which is what is believed, then this could work.
When the noise of a coming flash sounded and the sky started to light up, not only did Daniel look around him curiously, SO DID DESMOND!

This means that Desmond can think even when in another time. He even remembered that happening in the present, when he was off the island, although he called it a dream.

What I believe Desmond’s role will be next season, will be bringing the two proposed timelines together. What this means is bringing the Losties who left, back to the island after they went back to 2004 and arrived at LA X.

Why can he do this? Because as said, the rules don’t apply to him. He can freely move AND think in other times, unlike everyone else, which are the rules.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope you are looking forward to Season 6 of Lost as much as I am

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8 thoughts on “The role of Desmond next season

  1. Hi Pez I have been thinking along the same lines myself. I also think that Desmond can have a conscious awareness when he is in two different timelines. I believe that the Constant was when we first saw Desmond begin to really explore this ability (Which seems to have happened to him since he turned the key).

  2. I wonder if maybe Juliet might be in a semi-similar situation to Desmond – the difference being she’s stuck in the LAX Alt because she died in the other one. If this is true then she’d be on the island when the plane lands. Maybe she’ll somehow help Desmond get them to come back? They’d make a great duo.

  3. JamTay1 – His ability is really interesting. I still love the scene of Desmond and Penny at her home, and then them two on the phone on the Freighter :). One thing I want to know, is why the ‘rules’ dont apply to Desmond, but to others they do. Was it his proximity to the source (the hatch key)?

    ScrollLocke – Thats an interesting thought. Plus I want to see Juliet again. But thats true, they would make a great duo.

  4. Hi Pez, I too liked that scene, it showed that we the viewer would get the payoff of Desmond and Penny finally reuniting.

    If you watch the commentary on that episode, Carlton and Damon strongly hint that the turning of the key is what made Desmond unique. I have a feeling that the first episode of Season 6 will be very Desmond centric as he could well be the glue that holds the different timelines together!

  5. I think Desmond will be featured in probably a couple of episodes, similar to season two. I don’t think it will be either the premier or the finale( I don’t know why).
    I would be greatly disappointed if Desmond’s part is over.
    Mrs. Hawking said the island isn’t through with him.

  6. I just want to know the reason why the rules don’t apply to Desmond. As long as I get to know that, I don’t care how many episodes he is in. 😉

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