Does Smokey know?

When Ben goes to be judged we (nearly) all assume that it is Smokey judging Ben. What if it’s not and it’s Flocke thats judging him? or giving the illusion it’s Smokey?

Could this be another part of the loophole? that Flocke is able to use the body of Smokey aswell for his own means?.

Another idea i’ve had is what if Smokey doesn’t know that Locke’s body is being used? I mean maybe Smokey thinks that it’s really John and that is why Alex appears to tell Ben to do exactly as Locke tells him to, thinking that it’s John come back to set things straight. Even Smokey has been fooled.

Would the our real John Locke harm Jacob? IMO i don’t think he would as he has the island’s best interests which as far as we know is what Jacob wants aswel.

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6 thoughts on “Does Smokey know?

  1. Jacob’s the dude who brings people to the island who fight, corrupt and destroy. Doesn’t sound like someone with the island’s best intentions at heart. Jacob could very easily be in direct opposition to the Locke we know.

  2. Bigdaveg, many people here believe that Smokey and Nemesis are one and the same. I like your twist on it that Nemesis used Smokey’s body. I am one of the few who do not believe that Smokey and Nemesis are the same entity. Many point to the fact that Flocke and Smokey never appear together but I don’t think that that is proof that they are the same. I think that they are seperate for the very question that you raise. With Smokey’s abillity to look into the minds of people then if Flocke got too close to Smokey then Smokey would sense that it wasn’t the real Locke but Nemesis in Locke clothing. That’s why Flocke leaves when Ben summon’s Smokey again and doesn’t follow down into the hole that Ben falls through, he doesn’t want Smokey to know.

  3. Tas: its MiB that says those lines not Jacob. To me this is a negative attitude so he does seem to be the ‘baddy’ (want of a better word) in this case so if he’s the baddie then it’s safe to assume that Jacob is the ‘goody’ is it not? Jacob (as has been shown) wants to prove that humans are capable of better things, so IMO he does have humanity’s interests at heart and uses the island to prove it. I don’t think he would jepodise the island.

    Achalli: If Flocke doesnt want Smokey to know this raises 2 points for me

    A)If Flocke doesnt want Smokey to that could mean that Jacob is connected directly to Smokey somehow and that Smokey could blow the lid on his plan.


    B) That Flocke is scared of Smokey and doesn’t want to end up in a tussle with him. After all Smokey is the islands security system as told by Ben. If Smokey does find out will he ba able to…. ‘judge???’ Flocke. Which leads me to believe in Smokey not having a master other than the island itself. Thus the island having its own sort of conciousness.

  4. bigdaveg, I’ve always believed that the Island does have a conciousness (which is pretty much the reason I capitalize ‘island’ when I talk about the Island) and that Smokey’s primary service is to the Island. But I also believe that Smokey can be used by other ‘entities’ that know how. If you are interested in a more detailed explaination of this I did a post called “Holding the Leash of Cereberus.” I also did a post all about the Smokey is Nemesis vs, Smokey is not Nemesis debate. One other post I did is entitled “Nehebkau” and concerns the judging aspect of Smokey. You may be interested in these because I believe they go well with your post.

  5. If it is not clear from the above comments, I guess it is safe to say that the standard interpretation of the final episode of season 5 is probably that Flocke, Smokey and Nemesis/MIB are all the same or at least closely related.

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