Perhaps “What about you?” was planned by Ben & Jacob

Has anyone considered that Ben and Jacob might be in cahoots and were acting out their whole “what about you” kumbaya? Think about it. Didn’t Ben initiate the conversation with (F)Locke while they were walking towards the statue by asking him questions? Didn’t it seem at times that Ben was downplaying his understanding of the situation just a bit? Ok, he did seem to get all bent out of shape when his daughter told him to listen to the Almighty (F)Locke, however, perhaps this was all part of a BIGGER game plan that he and Jacob have been plannng on for heaven knows how long. I think most would agree that Ben is not naive, and one who is not easily manipulated. Many would say that he is a grand manipulator. So much so that he and Jacob pulling a stunt where they get (F)Locke and others (and Others, too..LOL) to believe that Locke riled up Ben to kill Jacob as an end all and be all could be viewed as just simply sophomoric – and that is not the Ben we know. More aptly, one can argue that if Ben and Jacob were in cahoots to trick (F)Locke that they would be akin to being grandmasters of sorts, like in chess or backgammon as has been themed throughout the series. Ahah, I think that I’m getting somewhere with this one.

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4 thoughts on “Perhaps “What about you?” was planned by Ben & Jacob

  1. I don’t know about this. But what I do hope, is that when we get the last Ben Linus story, that it is one largely of redemption. We’ll learn more about Annie, and we will find out just what he has left up his sleeve. And I hope its all for the greater good. He will be a sacrifice to the greater good in this episode. And hopefully some of the Ben haters will realize that some of the bad things he did were necessary.

    There must be something up that sleeve though. If you will recall at the beginning of season 5, when he is in a motel with Jack, he removes a package from the air conditioning duct. We haven’t found out what that package is yet.

  2. it is very possible. either that is true, or we have been shown ben has been a great manipulator before to make us see how jacob and mib are head and shoulders above everyone else in vision and manipulation.

  3. I just can’t help feeling that Ben (beside being a great character and compulsive viewing) has got involved in something on the Island purely by accident. Especially recently, Ben seems to have been more reactive then proactive. It feels as though he is maniacally trying to ‘patch things up’ but doesn’t know quite what he is patching up if you get me.
    I remember reading somewhere that Ben was only originally meant to small number of episodes, and, more recently, that the ending of Lost has never changed since the show started. With this in mind, I really have started to think that Ben have served his time as a plot device and can serve as a pretty impressive red herring to us as viewers (but I suppose that is a plot device of sorts :-s). I could be wrong, but I think he’s simply a pawn in the whole Backgammon/Chess game that is expendable and near his end. In a parallel with the writers – who may have used to him to extend the Lost franchise at the request of the television networks 😀
    But I could be way off here so please feel free to correct me…..

  4. i actually LOVE this theory. i completely agree with it. it seems unlikely that someone as manipulative as Ben can be that hugely manipulated. Ben ‘always has a plan’.
    good job!

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