A long con on smokey

When smokie looks at someone he can see the whole of their life. Past, present, and future, all at the same time. Imagine your life as a river. Now look down on it like a bird flying above it would. At the begining is your birth at the end is your death, if you could see your life like the bird then you are always dead and always alive. 

You would have free will but because your death is a pernament fixture in smokies observation of your lifeline then whatever happened happened. And always will.


A) you are both alive and dead because of the way smokie views your lifeline. If you become aware of this then maybe you can become your own constant and always travel back to a time when you existed because you always exist due to smokies observation. 

B) you can fool smokie into looking at an alt version of you. Smokie sees that persons life, doesn’t percieve them as a threat leaving you free to go about your business. 

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7 thoughts on “A long con on smokey

  1. the bird idea is similar to a bird in the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which isn’t bound by any dimensions, including time, and sees people throughout their life simultaneously. My favorite book. A must read.

  2. Oh…and I like your theory as well Daddy…

    I have actually pondered the idea that when Flocke dissapeared just before he and Ben went to see the monster so Ben could be judged, he went to the temple and “loosened” the floor structure, then allwed Ben to walk first inside the temple…just to avoid the monsters view…

  3. …but there is a substantial amount of evidence pointing the other direction…that the two are related and possibly even working together…but I hope not.

    I like believing the monster is a seperate being…a judge, much as described by Ben.

    To associate it with anything along the lines of good or bad seems to cheapen the monsters character.

  4. I agree with you a.e.s on smokies nature being good or bad. I think smokie is a reflection of us, not many of us are good or bad completely. Were more complex than that. Maybe that’s what smokie is a true reflection of whoever he scans/judges.

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