Why Widmore Island Trouble and Oxford vs. DI?

Charles knew DI could get to the island AND his babymama hung out at the Lighthouse which could find the island.

Why did Charles have so much trouble finding the island when his son was so physicsy?

Why did they send Daniel to Oxford instead of UofM?

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4 thoughts on “Why Widmore Island Trouble and Oxford vs. DI?

  1. I think no matter what he did, the island would not allow Charles Widmore to come back.

    If he was on the freighter it probably would never have found the island.

  2. yeah, eloise has an english accent, so they probably grew up there. but the widmore thing. he must know he cant come to the island or he would have come with the freighter

  3. It’s not about getting Charles TO the island. Charles is LOOKING for the island. DI knows where it is. Eloise knows she’s gonna’ shoot her own kid when she gets him the notebook.

    Why not just send Daniel to AA to be picked up by DI and then he could just tell Widmore where it is.

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