Would the atomic bomb kill everyone on the island?

I’m not entirely clear about the atomic bomb going off. Lets say Juliet did detonate it. As well as neutralizing the energy, does everyone on the island not die from the blast?

I was assuming an atomic bomb would kill everyone. Would it not? does it just react with the escaping energy and theres no blast? cause that seems convient. Surely everyone dies.

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21 thoughts on “Would the atomic bomb kill everyone on the island?

  1. its not the complete bomb, sayid and jack dismantled it by looking at daniels diary, so its not really an atomic bomb being detonated, but there should still be a large blast, anyone at the top of the pit would get badly injured at the very least

  2. if chang and radzinsky are still near the pit, theres a chance they could die, or be too injured to carry on work at the swan, no swan = no 815 crash, im pro whatever happened happened, i really dont like the alt timeline view, just my thoughts, so im guessing they are fine

  3. I guess by the time bomb goes off they’re far away enough not to be too harmed. If I remember correctly they were trying to get away from the area when things started getting pulled into the hole.

  4. been a while since i saw the finale, so juliet, jack, sawyer, kate, hurley and miles are all next to, or in, the pit, but everyone else fled and bernard, rose and vincent are at the beach, so i guess this is pro bernard and rose being adam and eve. the rest all get blown up?

  5. No i disagree, what faradays diary explained was how to take the warhead from the casing. The casing or rocket is used to transport the warhead. The warhead that Juliette hits with a rock is indeed all that is needed for the nuclear reaction.

    I dont think it would kill everyone on the island due to its depth when detonated it seems a pretty deep hole, i think everyone in the immediate area would have been killed but not the entire island.

    There would probably be a massive burst of energy going directly upwards but nothing to create a mushroom cloud like you see in the films as the bomb would need to be in an open space to achieve that im afraid.

  6. Yea by the time Juliet woke up and smacked the bomb they all could have cleared out. We really have no idea how long after she fell that she woke up.

    If 815 could crash on land and all of those people could survive unharmed (some even repaired like Rose & Locke)

    I think they could survive the blast. It is a special island, c’mon now!

  7. Zander_N I am pretty sure, even though it was just a portion of the bomb, it was still an atomic blast..Here’s why; two types of atomic bombs: a fission bomb, which uses radioactive isotopes such as Uranium, Plutonium, etc creates it’s energy by splitting atoms.. 2nd type is Fusion bomb or H-Bomb, which is the kind Jughead is; it creates energy by fusing 2 Hydrogen atoms together into Helium..

    A Hydrogen bomb is much more powerful than a fission bomb, and in fact, it needs a lot of energy to detonate it..It actually uses a fission bomb to detonate it! So a hydrogen bomb is actually both a fission and fusion bomb in one..

    The fission part of the hydrogen bomb is the portion Sayid took out, and was most likely exploded at the Swan.. The fission part is called the primary stage, see in Wikipedia here:

    So all that being said, my thoughts on what happened when Jughead detonated is that it effectively cancelled the energy release. The “explosion” negated the “implosion.” That was Daniel’s plan the entire time; to simply prevent the Incident, not to destroy the island!

  8. So supposing the atom bomb doesnt kill anyone (other than Juliet perhaps) what are we thinking is going to happen?

    1. A flash and the character move thro time.

    2. the energy is neutralized, no swan is built, and in 30 years time 815 doesnt crash.

    does this mean that Jack and Kate etc are alive and on the island in 1977 onwards, whilst out in the world little kid versions of themselves grow up and never crash? so theres 2 versions of themselves?

  9. just to be clear: the bomb was a hydrogen bomb. hydrogen bombs have an internal atomic bomb that goes off and starts the chain reaction for the more powerful hydrogen bomb. the hydrogen bomb would certainly incinerate the whole island. the losties took out the internal atomic bomb.

    an atomic bomb may not destroy the entire island (although it might) but do considerable damage and release harmful radiation.

    however, im sure the writers can make it so the swans energy affects the bomb if it goes off, causing some unkown reaction or nullifying the energy. anything the writers want really.

  10. Its almost impossible to say that the islands properties where the wheel/orchid is didnt have some kind of effect in neutralizing the bomb…I dont think it was neccessarily “neutralized”.

    I think that it may have been contained for a short amount of time, giving the DI just enough time to initiate the swan…it really doesnt make sense…but I really dont have any other answers…

    Although I do feel that Juliet is the final person responsible for destroying the ability to procreate on the island….making her reason for originally coming there a predestination paradox…like many other plots on the show…good question…

  11. oh good thought AES about Juliet, her being the reason radiation is released on the island which may somehow result in childbirth complications, that would be cool paradox

  12. so instead of hiroshima, we get a flash of light because the island neutralised the energy? im more inclined to believe theres an explosion, a crater is made and energy is leaking out, DI build the swan in the crater and cover it in dirt, with a hatch on top and a back door. WHH. Juliet alaways dies and i agree with AES- she creates the childbirth problem.

  13. as ekolocation has said, the device which ‘may’ have detonated was just a small warhead acting as a trigger for main fuel of the hydrogen bomb.

    also this small warhead was probably 50 feet down into the ground so a lot of the energy would be absorbed by the earth surrounding it if it indeed did detonate.

  14. so juliet fell 50 feet and was still able to regain consciousness (sp?) and hit the bomb enough to detonate it? 50ft may be higher than i think it is, i dont know how far a person can fall before being mortally wounded. but at 50 feet itl still create a large crater, biger than if it was 20ft down because it would displace more earth? im not a bomb expert, so i cant guess how damaging this bomb could be.

  15. but Zander_N + I_am_Jacob,
    as EckoLocation and I were saying (see above comments), that “small warhead” is an atomic weapon, a fission bomb; equivalent to the bombs which exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki!! So either the “energy release implosion” at the Swan absorbed that detonation, or it wiped out a huge part of the island.. Being 50 feet underground would do nothing!!

  16. I think it’s a bit interesting that the jughead looks like something from a dream or from a child’s drawing, at least in my eyes. It’s the same with the submarine and probably also many other things.

  17. It does make you wonder about what the opening images of season 6 will be. I think perhaps this incident might have a similar effect as when the flight 316 flew over the island, there will be some kind of blast of light and the losties will be transported.

  18. Interestingly the warhead detonated underground would cause significant seismic effects. The Underground Tests (UGTs) conducted by the UK and US originally were set off at relatively shallow depths the early ones less that 100Ft and these tests produced 100s of tonnes of earth into the air. IF the warhead went off it would have helped the Swan builders clear a big hole that is for sure!

    Obviously this does not include the effect that “exotic matter” has on the whole process! But in my opinion it would almost certainly prevent the warhead going critical and at the very least the losses from the reaction would not cause the island to sink…….but it could cause a slight earthquake so maybe that’s how we only ended up with a foot and not a statue!

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