Proof that the Hydrogen bomb didn’t kill any Losties.

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything on here, but something occurred to me on my 4th viewing of season 5.
When Sun asks Richard Alpert about Jin being in the past, he tells her he WATCHED them all die. Richard wasn’t at the location of the incident. Last we saw him, he was dragging away Eloise. So if he claims to have WATCHED them all die, then it couldn’t have been from that bomb, because he wasn’t there.
Also, if a Hydrogen bomb did go off, wouldn’t it pretty much wipe out nearly all things on the island? I’m sure at some point in the first few seasons the Losties would have found a huge clearing from the initial blast. And from what I saw, everywhere near the Swan Station looked fine.

Go easy on me, I’m just looking for some feedback. Thanks.

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16 thoughts on “Proof that the Hydrogen bomb didn’t kill any Losties.

  1. Dude you need to read the last 3 months of theory writing, there’s this whole new idea of an alternate timeline where all the contradictions you raise are rendered trivial.

  2. I suspect that…

    The energy of the bomb gets absorbed into the pocket. which causes it to supress the electromagnetic energy. then they build the swan to continue supressing the electromagnetic energy by pressing the button.

  3. Anything could have killed them, including the incident. I think it’s an interesting area though. My money is on the Losties violently blinking out and Richard witnesses this. We just havent seen this event yet – and it makes sense given this account by Richard we may see: it from his POV.

  4. Maybe attacking the Swan and setting off the bomb is what changes the time line in which Richard does actually see them all die. Maybe they were found out to be fakes by the Dharma initiative and went down in a blaze of glory in the original timeline….but due to Faraday’s notes about the past present and future, they know about the bomb, and blowing it up is what gets them out of 1977 scott free?

  5. I don’t think they were killed by the immediate blast either. But if they were all in close proximity to the blast, and if the radiation levels were high enough, it could take hours, days, or even weeks before they would possibly succumb to the effects of radiation. So, when Richard said I watched them all die, maybe he meant because they all got sick, and he watched them die.

    Now factor in the electromagnetism exposure and they could all possibly experience what happened to Desmond when he turned the failsafe key?

  6. I don’t think the I watched them all die means much.

    We know Richard watched the entire dharma group did in the purge. She showed him a group shot of the dharma… so his answer..

  7. Have you ever considered the possibility that Richard simply lied telling Sun I watched them all die?
    Richard had already lied several times before that…for example after taking Ben to the temple in order to save his life, he answered to an angry Charles Widmore that Jacob had wanted him to do that…
    Before entering the temple with Ben, a man told Richard that they had to inform Charles about that and Richard answered…I don’t need to because I respond to someone else’s orders…or something like that.
    He had no time to ask Jacob…he just entered the temple.We know for sure that Jacob doesn’t live in the temple.
    Sorry, I’m going a bit off track here just to try to make my point.
    I don’t trust Richard…that’s all…

  8. I’m sorry, but the above doesn’t indicate that Richard lied.

    Ben’s name could have been on a list that he had already seen, meaning he didn’t have 2 discuss it w/ charles… It’s not proof of anything. We know there are lists.

  9. we’ll see…the lists were written or decided by whom? jacob? MIB? all the clues show us that jacob was not making lists.
    jacob’s name was used to make everyone believe that he was the author of the lists.
    For almost 5 seasons we were convinced that jacob was behind every move or plan of the others. We were unaware of the presence of another player, MIB. He first appeared in season five and all of the sudden his arrival opened new scenarios and we had to go over everything again and look at the facts under a brand new light.
    I am sure that Jacob has nothing to do with the lists and that Richard is not on his side at all. I know many of you completly disagree with me but this is what I think.
    I can’t help it.

  10. He might have heard the gunshots or something and to watch what they do from the safety of the bushes.

    Remember they only took the core, meaning the blast radius should be smaller. so i guess the bomb killed everyone in the near vicinity expect for the losties, who got teleported to 2008. If everyone else near the blast died… then it would be safe to assume they all died.

  11. Maybe Richard was actually there but you didn’t see him. This has happened on lost before. Also, maybe Richard is just flat lying. So to say you have proof is wrong. The word “proof” is a very strong word.

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