This is probably wrong but completely awesome?

Ok so I am brand new to this site, just started going to it a couple days ago, but it has got me hooked. I think I have a crazy theory, maybe more of just speculation than actual theory. And if someone has already covered some of the things I want to say, don’t hang me, just help me out, let me know what you think and what could be wrong with my ideas right now. I’m sure my idea will have plenty of holes in it. And I hope it doesn’t come out as too confusing. I actually just read it to myself a few times and ain’t sure how good it is in regards to the show, but I think it’s a kickass idea. If anything it be a cool alternative to what is or what is not happening on the show.


1. This theory goes off the idea that Flocke is Locke’s body possessed or controlled by MIB.

2. This theory goes off the idea that MIB was the one Ben and Locke thought they were following, rather than Jacob.

Now let me begin; I have a lot to say. In the beginning of The Incident, we see Jacob and MIB on the beach looking out to the ocean where there is a ship arriving. MIB is unhappy that the ship is approaching, knowing that Jacob brought the ship, and that the visitors always bring violence and destruction with them, always ending the same. Jacob responds by saying there is only one ending, the rest is just progress. This implies that this happened multiple times before. I believe MIB thinks that humans bring violence and end with war (Widmore said a war is coming). I think Jacob is trying to prove that humans can exist in peace at some point, thus being the final ending. Perhaps the game itself is to prove what the human condition is.

Now here is where the real theorizing kicks in. What has happened to the Losties and all the events that have happened on the island have happened before in a different round of the game. Someone I think said they thought that Desmond wasn’t seeing the future in Charlie’s death but was really seeing the rounds of the game that happened before, because Desmond had already lived them, as has everyone else. The rules don’t apply to Desmond because he can actually remember past rounds. This is allows progress to be made, thus reaching the final end that Jacob wants.

Now getting back to the ship Jacob and MIB see. I believe the ship coming is the Black Rock. And what if the ship coming, represents both the end of a round and the beginning of a new round? MIB doesn’t want people to inhabit the island, but Jacob does, and each time the boat comes, a new round begins. Jacob allows the game to start over by handpicking who arrives. What if everyone who Jacob touched ends up on the Black Rock, the very ship that is arriving? I don’t know how they end up there, but I think it is a definite possibility. He handpicked the Losties, because though most of them had sinned, they are good people, those who could prove to MIB that humans can be peaceful.

I’ll get back to what happens once the Losties arrive to the island on the Black Rock, but there are other things I need to say first. I think MIB’s goal is to get people from coming to the island, to stop the Black Rock from ever arriving in the past. He thinks by killing Jacob the game will finally end. But that isn’t his first and only strategy.

Notice how dead people have been seen on the island, such as Christian Sheppard, or people not on the island, such as Walt (though I think Walt is an exception to what I’m about to say). MIB has the power to control the dead. He controlled Christian and Yemi, and whoever in between. And he now controls John Locke. But how come Flocke can touch people whereas the others can’t? It’s because Locke is special, different form the likes of Christian and Yemi. How is he different? He was touched by Jacob! Perhaps MIB’s loophole was to possess one that Jacob had chosen, giving him more abilities like the ability to touch.

MIB manipulated Locke and Ben to eventually do his bidding of getting Ben to kill Jacob and getting the Losties to 1977. Yes, MIB wanted the Losties to end up in 1977. Flocke tells Richard to tell John that he has to go bring the others back, and that he has to die (so MIB can posses him). He also tells John again as Christian. He knows this has to happen, because he has the memories of the games before.

MIB wants the Losties to come back so he can bring them to 1977 so they CAN detonate the Jughead and stop the electromagnetism, so flight 815 never arrives. MIB doesn’t want the Losties to arrive on flight 815 because Jacob chose some of them for the game. This will make more sense once I get to the end.

I believe Jacob had a Plan B in case the island ended in war, and that was to get those he chosen onto the Black Rock and sent to the past. Once in the past, the Losties have nothing to do but begin a population on the island, who would eventually be known as the Others. That’s right, the Losties are the ancestors of the Others, and possibly Richard Alpert.

MIB wants flight 815 to never crash so Jacob can never send them back to the 1800s or whatnot to start a population. What he doesn’t realize though is that the bomb does one of two things: 1. It actually causes the Incident and the Swan has to be made because of it or 2. It doesn’t erase everything, giving him victory, it actually creates an alternate reality, one where the Losties never show up, but the one where they do still remains (I don’t think he knows this, because say in the rounds of the game before, the Losties, never succeeded in blowing up the Jughead). Eventually the Losties in 1977 will reunite with Sun (maybe, maybe not) and will eventually end up on the Black Rock in the 1800s. There they are free to create a population until they return again centuries later to bring peace (Jacob thus winning).

I think MIB himself wasn’t sure what would happen if the bomb did go off, so his back up plan was to kill Jacob so they Losties would never end up in the past on the Black Rock. That is why MIB ignored Ben, to make him hate Jacob in the end, and killing him. But Jacob says, “They’re coming.”

I believe it is a possibility that he is referring to the Black Rock arriving in the past. Either, perhaps on the verge of death he can see the game starting over, even though the events in the future haven’t taken place to guarantee that outcome, or he was straight up BSing to strike fear into MIB.

With this theory, if it even makes any lick of sense, I am writing this very late at night, the series will end one of two ways: Desmond will arrive to the island having a vision of a past game, and groups with the Losties to stop a war from happening. Or a war will erupt (I don’t know how so, probably between Ben and Widmore) the chosen Losties will end up on the Black Rock left there to live the rest of their lives and the game starts over again, as well as Desmond starting over again. Here the Losties realize they only need each other, and live happy lives stuck on the island, giving us a bittersweet ending. However there will be some kind of sign, that perhaps the next game will be closer to the end.

Also this is probably all too much, too confusing, and a big pile of crap. Maybe you all can help me out.

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11 thoughts on “This is probably wrong but completely awesome?

  1. I think your “war” idea is awesome. You’re saying the war IS the game between Jacob and assface. Jacob picks out the people he thinks gives him the best chance to win. Really cool.

    However, MIB initially asks Jacob “How’d they find the island?”, referring to the ship. He would know by now if this has happened numerous times, at least I would think.

    Personally, I’m really confused about how the losties could be alive and kicking on a slave ship in the 1800’s. It’s a fun thing to think about, but how this could come to be seems beyond explainable in 1 season.

    You have some cool ideas. I like the Black Rock being the end game/beginning of a new cycle type thing. I just don’t think MIB has ever seen that ship before.

    Nice goin on a really decent first post.

  2. Christian was holding Aaron, wasn’t he? He also picked up the picture frame of the DHARMA recruits and held the lamp in the frozen wheel chamber..

    Interesting theory on Nemesis taking the form of Locke who is more “special” than Yemi or Christian, though. I also like the idea of Losties being on the Black Rock. I mean, what a great image that would be for the very end of the finale; Jack, Locke, Kate all stepping off the ship onto the island.. and bringing mining equipment (found on the ship wreckage by Locke) to maybe hit the pocket of energy, releasing the electromagnetism way before DHARMA ever got there.. And no one has answered my question.. why does everyone think Richard arrived on the Black Rock other than he’s been there a long time and so has the ship..?..

  3. Chiefof16.. the Losties could technically be on the Black Rock if the island “moved” again, time-skipping back in time with them on the Island.. or maybe they end up in the Gobi Desert and make their way back via the Black Rock..

  4. directingthekill, congrats on providing us with some very original, creative thinking in your theory.

    II really like some of the ideas that you have presented.

    Very nice first theory….hope to be reading more from you.

  5. Touching the blanket that Aaron’s wrapped in would be perhaps equal to touching someone on the shoulder because they have a shirt on.. he’s touching the shirt, not the person? Simply because we have seen or not seen him do something doesn’t mean he can or can’t.. especially since we’ve only seen him a handful of times for short durations..

  6. And, TawaretsAnkh, I really liked your “Richard the Egyptian” theory.. I think it’s probably more plausible in some ways than saying he came off the Black Rock..

  7. I mean, sure, it would be fascinating and breathtaking to see the losties on the Black Rock, but what would really be the point? What would that mean or prove? That the island moves through time and space like we already know? Sorry, I’m being cynical. But it would basically waste more time for us.

    The writers need to start showing WHY the losties are there, instead of just showing us that they came to the island numerous times in the past whether by boat or plane. It just wouldn’t teach us anything in my opinion.

    And….if Richard is an Egyptian, been there since the beginning of time, then I think we know who Jacob and MIB answer to. Richard would be the man behind the men. THE island himself.

  8. Haha…but he leaves at times. The island leaves itself? I concur that the losties Are NOT on the boat.

    Remember that Sun asks who Jacob is? How many of them know of him? A lot of the O815 have had independent experiences…I think a convergence of those is necessary for a more complete revelation. Time for everyone to lay down their cards to see what they all collectively have.

  9. I see your point with Richard….being the island is a no-go.

    I’ve been wanting to see these Losties sit down in a circle and discuss things for once. I want them to have a 3 hour discussion about what THEY all think the smoke monster is. They have first hand experience, much better than theorists like us.

  10. In regards to that Chiefy, I’d like them all to sit down too and figure out how the heck they survived the original crash?!

    Have they all been possessed from day 1?

    The fact that many people survived the 815 crash has always bothered me… anyone?

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