Black flashlight thing in pilot episode

Sorry if this has been posted before — did a search and couldn’t find any reference to it…

I re-watched the pilot episode last night for the nth time, and again found myself fascinated by the scene where Jack wakes up in the jungle. Next to his head on the ground (to his left, the viewer’s right) appears to be a black flashlight or some cylindrical object. And Jack is fumbling around with his left hand, like maybe he remembers that he was holding something and now he’s dropped it?

It doesn’t seem like the producers wouldn’t have put this in if it didn’t have significance. But the only significance I can think of would involve a time loop of some kind that will explain this object — maybe we will find out this season.

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2 thoughts on “Black flashlight thing in pilot episode

  1. yeah i want to know what that is too but i think the loop for the crash from jack’s point of view is the vodka bottle. but i really do want to know what the little black thing is. maybe it was on the plane, maybe it is something to do with Chriatian. however i do beleive that we will find out in a small clue big realization kind of thing in the final season.

  2. I always believed it was Ben’s Batton – the thing with the knife in that he used to kill people.

    How it would get there i have no idea.. I suppose it would have to link in to the timeloop theories.

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