whos not on the plane?

just trying to remember who we didn’t see from the origional flight, desmond was there but shouldn’t be:


shannon, walt, michael, eko, anna-lucia, paulo, nikki, libby, we can assume seth norris is the pilot…unless it is frank lapidis…..any of the other main characters missing????

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9 thoughts on “whos not on the plane?

  1. judging by the voice, the pilot is Seth (greg grunberg).

    The twins: theyre not main, but they’ve been mentioned a few times during the early seasons haha.

    If Walt and Michael aren’t there, we can assume Vincent isn’t there either.

  2. Pilot introduced himself as Seth, so that’s fact.

    The camera never went to the tail section of the plane, although I thought I remember Bernard hating the front of planes, which is why they were separated in the first place.

    Did we see the kids, Zach and Emma?

    If I recall correctly we see Frogurt in the airport afterward so we must assume he was on the plane too. Otherwise, nothing for me to add on.

  3. @cliff87

    Oh… intresting. we didnt see claries belly. is she still pregnant???

    intresting indeed. They didnt put michale on the plane cause walt’s actor is too big to look like a 10 year old.

  4. @ cappayne – I agree, the Pilot is definitely Seth Norris (I’ve watched enough Heroes to know who the actor sounds likes). However, the reason that Bernard and Rose were initially separated on the plane was because Bernard went to the bathroom in the tailsection. Frogurt was also definitely on the plane – he was sitting right beside John if I’m not mistaken. He was wearing one of those eye masks.

  5. Bernard was not in the back of the plane because he hated the front of planes, he was using the bathroom. Rose mentions this early on and then in the premiere he did use the bathroom and after he returned he says something like “I thought I would die in there.”

  6. Frogurt was sitting between Boone and Locke, of course. lol

    Is it just me, or Claire didn’t look too good? We can’t tell if she was pregnant or not, though.

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