Quick Update

Hey Everyone!

First of all, to anyone who has sent registration requests since Tuesday, you should all be added now. If you have trouble logging in please email me at I usually email each one individually to let them know they’ve been added but I’ve had around 120 new signups this past week alone! I guess the season 6 opener has conjured up many a thought/idea/theory etc.

I have been doing a few admin-y bits over the past few days but I’ve avoided reading theory titles/posts and moderating new comments/theories as I still haven’t seen the first episode yet (9pm GMT TONIGHT!!).

Anyway, I want to apologise to anyone who’s comments or posts are waiting in the moderater queue. I usually wait until someone has posted at least 5 posts before changing their account to post all the time, but as I have to do this manually I sometimes forget or leave it to the last minute. So, if you are waiting please accept my apologies, it’s nothing personal, it’s just me being forgetful. Also, if you’re a new user, it’s only when your first comment is approved that you can post comments without being moderated. Again, I apologise for the delay.

There are other reasons for comments being moderated which include certain words and links to other sites (to avoide any spammers), so if your comment is sometimes in the moderating queue this is why.

Anyhow, I’ll be coming online shortly after 11pm tonight to go through all the comments and posts that need posting. I’ll add a note to each post as to when they were originally written as well.

I might not get through them all as I have about 50 of each to go through, but I’ll try. If not, it will be tommorrow evening.

Again, apologies for the delay – next week shouldn’t bring that many to my moderating list so your post/comment should show up straight away.

Thanks for your patience and understanding 🙂

-Emzi xx

PS. Hurry up 9pm!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Admin,

    Lost 9PM tonight?….Skyone?

    Are you in the UK then? cool.

    Enjoy the show, i should’ve waited till tonight to watch it in HD, oh well, Whatever happened happened right? you can’t change the past…or can you??

    Thanks for the site BTW and all the hard work, i’m gonna be here quite a bit over the next 18 weeks.

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