Richard, MIB, Jacob

I believe all 3 of these are using, going to use, or have used the same power of possesing someone dead.

MIB – We know that MIB is, as he has possesed Locke on the island, and perhaps others.

Jacob – I believe that Jacob is going to use this power. Perhaps he is already using it on Sayid? Maybe that is why Sayid is alive, he is being possesed by Jacob. One thing is for sure, Jacob is going to confront MIB, and when he does, he would have to have possesed somebody, or how else could he do it?

Richard – “It’s good to see you out of those chains” tells me that Richard has died/is dead. The only thing I could think of when he said this was the skeleton on the black rock, as seen here Skeleton on Black Rock
I think Richard is possesing the person who was chained up on the Black Rock. If this is true, why else would MIB say “It’s good to see you out of those chains”?

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5 thoughts on “Richard, MIB, Jacob

  1. I like the idea of Richard taking the bodie of someone from the black rock but it doesn’t fit because if this was the case then the skeleton wouldn’t be there. If Sayid is possessed by Jacob this is the ONLY time that it has happened as Lockes body isn’t possessed Smokey has just taken his form for now.

  2. It was hard to express myself here, I meant it the other way around, that the person who died while locked up in chains on the Black Rock has taken over the body of Richard.

    This is why MIB says “its good to see you out of those chains” because the person who died is in the form of Richard, who is ofcourse not in chains. It also explains why Richard is so old, considering how old the Black Rock must be.

  3. Okay, I don’t agree with this theory at all. There isn’t anything to prove that MIB, Jacob, or Richard posess dead bodies. So far as we know, only MIB can TAKE THE FORM OF dead people. And to make it clear, notice how MIB looks like Locke but yet isn’t inside of Locke’s body? Well, that is because he isn’t inside Locke’s body. This is obvious when MIB(looking like Locke) passes by Locke’s dead body on the beach whilst carrying Richard over his shoulder.
    So the theory that Sayid is posessed is in fact false. Not to say it is impossible but rather that it isn’t grounded in the show’s mythology yet, at all.
    So my theory is that Sayid did die and the alternate Sayid is now merged with him. This is also observed in Juliette when she said “It worked”. The Juliette from the other universe was already dead and they merged together, thus giving her the knowledge that their plan suceeded.

    In conclusion, posession in the Lost universe has not been introduced yet. Richard is not a posessed being and the evidence you provided does not back your theory up. Just because he was in chains doesn’t mean he was one of the people on the ship who are now dead. There is no logical evidence in which to assume that as even a possibility.

    This is all quite self evident.

  4. Xander, when I say ‘possesing’ someones body, I mean it in the same way you did when saying ‘taking the form’. If I would have said, possesing the body of someone, that can also be just taking the form. You took it WAY too literal.

    And furthermore, try not to be too harsh/smart in your comments, as it can make people think lesser of you, and perhaps could impact your theories by having no comments etc (in an extreme situation). I say this politely.

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