The Ankh, Jacob and someone from the past

I’ve come up with this theory in the last little while. It struck me as I was rewatching all 5 seasons of LOST and hit me again as I saw further reference to this symbol in the premiere episode. (Just a heads up – there are some references to the new episode – read carefully)
The Ankh is the egyptian symbol of life, eternal life, and immortality. Jacob seems to be very connected to this symbol. He lives in the foot of a statue in whose hand is a very large ankh. The meaning of this symbol can be connected to Jacob obviously because of his seemingly ‘immortal’ qualities. He does not age: we’ve seen him in several time lines looking exactly the same. And, as the MIB has made clear to us, he is extremely difficult to kill.
We also see the ankh in the premiere episode. Within Hurley’s guitar case, there is a very large wooden ankh (who saw that coming?!?!) containing a message/list from Jacob to the templites. Clearly the Ankh signifies that this is also a means of communication for Jacob. A calling card if you will.
Finally, I’ll take you back a season to our losties in 1977. Before Sawyer, Juliet, etc. become a part of Dharmaville, someone very important is murdered during a picnic with his wife – Paul. We remember the death of Paul and the subsequent deaths of the others that tried to kill him as a serious point of conflict between the Dharma Initiative and the Others. My question is – why was Paul killed in the first place? Do we remember what Paul wore around his neck? An Ankh.
I’d like to theorize that Paul was in the service of Jacob. Whether or not Amy knew about it, I’m not sure. But she definitely made a point of taking that necklace.
Now, some might refute this idea by saying that if Paul was in the service of Jacob, then why would the Others kill him? Well, lets not forget that the Others havent exactly had the greatest guidance from their leaders over the years. In fact, let’s not forget that MIB has been posing as Jacob within the cabin for quite some time. It’s not farfetched to think that MIB told his people to kill this man.
So that begs the question – what was Paul doing in Dharmaville? I’ve no doubt that Paul was important… Im just not quite sure how. Any thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “The Ankh, Jacob and someone from the past

  1. Excellent observation–I agree that Paul and the Ankh are very important to the storyline. Also, remember that Amy kept the Ankh in her dresser, and when Horace found it, that led to their fight on the night that Ethan was born.
    Perhaps Paul was sent by the others to be an infiltrator into Dharma, but then became one of them when he married Amy. Marrying someone outside of the others led to them killing him?

  2. The more I think about it, the more I think Amy is also an important figure.
    She keeps the Ankh – so, she realises this is an important item to guard. I think it’s more than just a keepsake of her dead husband.. I think she’s in on whatever Paul was doing.
    Let’s not forget that she does give birth to Ethan. Now, I know that it was with Horace – but she is the important character. Ethan is Island born – which makes him very special and incredibly strong if we remember carefully. Perhaps Amy was actually an Island inhabitant herself. It makes the birth more likely.
    Amy also insists that Juliet help deliver her baby. It’s like she knew about Juliet and who she was and where she came from.
    Amy also has a devious side to her. Her little stunt at the Sonar fence paints her as a slippery character – very similar to how some of the Others behave.

  3. Oh.. and perhaps the fight between Amy and Horace was about the fact that she was not a true member of the Dharma Initiative – that she was an native Island inhabitant or an other. Horace drank himself stupid because he couldn’t handle the implications.

  4. I agree that Paul is somehow very important. I’m on the fence about Amy.

    I can’t remember…did they ever show Paul’s face or did they intentionally keep us from getting a look at him?

  5. I dont remember seeing his face? Unless we see it when hes lying dead back at Dharmaville, I agree that ankh has some super power The Japanese leader bows to it before he snaps it to get the message out. Is he bowing to the holder of it? Or to what the ankh represents?

    Perhaps amy and paul infiltrated the others and were spies? But then it makes me wonder why the others shot Paul? Perhaps Pauls not important so much but Ethan is the baby that was reborn from paul? hmmm

  6. Excellent observation! I do think that Paul has a very important link to Jacob. Nothing in this show is mere coincidence and the ankh necklace is a very interesting coincidence. The idea that Amy is in on it too doesn’t seem very far fetched at all. Her son was working for Ben after the purge remember? I think those three have some kind of tie to the others. Bloodline maybe? But why they would kill Paul still eludes me…

  7. there is a picture of paul’s face if you look on lostpedia ( look under amy first and then click on the mention of paul).
    cant say he looks familiar in any way…

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