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When Locke came to the island on Oceanic 815, (2004) he had already been touched by Jacob, even though the viewers don’t find this out until several seasons after the fact.  Locke’s encounters with the smoke monster in the early seasons were pleasant experiences, unlike those of Mr Eko et al. (The first encounter was in “Walkabout” and the second encounter, when the smoke monster tried to capture Locke and drag him back under the temple, was in “Exodus Part 2”.) Is it possible that in their first encounter the smoke monster, seemingly omnipotent, knew that Locke had been touched by Jacob, somehow making him a loophole. I can’t imagine that there are too many of Jacob’s true people (touched by Jacob to be brought to the island) just walking around willy-nilly on the island. My assumption is that those people are inside the walls of the temple, which from what we saw in “LA X”, is heavily guarded from MIB. So it makes sense that MIB has been looking for a loophole for a long time and didn’t find one until he came across Locke. Someone LOST enough to unwittingly follow the signs of the island, which just so happen to be the direct wishes of MIB/smokie. Of course, MIB/smokie couldn’t inhabit Locke’s body while he was alive so he tried to drag him back under the temple walls…I assume to let him die so he could fulfill his master plan using dead Locke’s body as a pawn. When that failed, MIB had to figure out another way to set his plans in motion. So, calling upon one of the only tools he has at his discretion, MIB used the island to manipulate Locke into setting in motion the events necessary to fulfill his wishes (If you recall it wasn’t Locke, but Flocke that told Richard to tell a wounded Locke that he had to die to get his friends back to the island). That would make it possible for MIB to inhabit Locke’s body. It’s all part of the plan. Flocke told Jacob “You have no idea what i’ve gone through to be here”….

The viewers are under the auspices that MIB can take on the forms of dead people on the island. I believe MIB/smokie’s real identity is the spirit trapped in the cabin, possibly the form we see on the beach with Jacob (more on the spirit in the cabin below).  When Locke went back to the cabin in “Cabin Fever” he saw Christian-in whatever form, presumable dead and inhabited by MIB/smokie. He encourages John to continue on the path by moving the island. I don’t think he anticipated that Ben would intervene and misunderstand the instructions by turning the FDW himself.  There is further evidence of this when Christian visits Locke after the time flash that caused Locke’s broken leg. He is course correcting….to get Locke back on track to execute MIB’s master plan.

This ties into what seems to be going on with the cabin as well….in the episode where Ben first takes Locke to the cabin, the writers make it a point to show the viewers that Ben and Locke step over the ring of ash, which is in tact. This would indicate, according to popular theory, that MIB/smokie was trapped in the cabin at the time and this is, in fact, who Locke heard calling for help-the imprisoned spirit of MIB/smokie. At some point after that, Hurley comes across the cabin but the ash circle is no longer in tact. I assume that the absence of the ash circle indicates that MIB/smokie is no longer trapped, and is now just a loophole away from making his plans a reality.

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  1. I have been thinking the same thing about the cabin–check out my theory, whenever it finally pops up–I am new to this so I do not know how long it takes. As far as Lock and Smoky go, was he the first one to see Smoky? I thought that Jack and Kate were chased by Smoky before Locke ever saw it up close, and they were also touched by Jacob? I am not really sure that the scenes that we have been shown thus far with Jacob touching the Losties occur in the original time-line. Maybe he touched them in the second time-line and not the first–reaching back from 2007, not 2004, or….well, it’s all a big loop anyway–I am so confused!

  2. I thought about that as well, the fact that Locke wasn’t the only lostie that Jacob had physically come into contact with…and the explanation that seemed to work for me, and i could be mistaken, is that smokie never really got a good face to face read on anyone else, at least maybe not by the time it encountered Locke….I remember a scene with smokie and one of the losties (im in clined to say Mr Eko or maybe Shannon, but not 100% sure) and in that scene smokie seemed to get a “read” on the person…almost like it was taking pictures…..maybe the encounters with smokie and the other losties wasn’t, for all intents and purposes, a close enough encounter for smokie to get a good enough “read” on them…..i’ll try to go back and find that scene where that happened….

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