Did Richard say….. *SPOILER ALERT*

[SPOILER]Ok in the click that showed tonight right after lost went offf….

Did richard say something to jack about all his friends being dead?

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6 thoughts on “Did Richard say….. *SPOILER ALERT*

  1. i think i know what your talking about in the preview for next weeks episode and Richard was talking to jack and i think he said something like ” he wants your friends dead” meaning Richard was warning Jack about Flocke and how he wants to kill the oceanic surviors who the others at the temple want to protect

  2. i dont watch it on tv so im not sure if this is correct but if it was a flash back to when sun was asking richard about finding jin and richard told her that he watched all her friends die (in the purge) like what i mean if it was a “previously on lost” bit???

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