I need your minds! The importance of half-siblings

Ok, it has been buggin me since we found out Jack’s father is Claire’s father – Christian Shephard.

Now, I have been reading about Eloise Hawking. Charles Widmore is (and I am quite confident of this) Faradays father. The way Eloise slaps him when he says Daniel is his son too pretty much confirms it. She is angry that they sent him to the island knowing it was likely he would die.

This, makes Daniel Faraday Penny’s half brother! (until proved otherwise, currently suggested by the script)

Now my question is – why all these half brothers/sisters?? What significance do blood lines suggest? Can you have a constant due to shared blood line/genetics? Is this part of some heritage and war on the island?

Anyway opinions, questions and theories regarding these would be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “I need your minds! The importance of half-siblings

  1. I believe that bloodlines are absolutely critical. Perhaps so many halflings appear because it’s much more believable for them to not be aware of their relation to each other. Chances are if they come from a nuclear family, they would know about it. On the other hand, sharing one parent and having a separate ones certainly could contribute to the theme of duality that we’ve seen. While I wouldn’t be surprised at a big halfling revelation, I also wouldn’t at a simple blood relation one.

  2. Widmor and Eloise were lovers when they were on the island. In addition Widmore makes a comment about Daniel being his son too, it seems pretty clear in “the incident” that Charles is Daniel’s father. All the half brothers and sisters is just another way to make it that everyone on the show is connected one way or another. It would be interesting to find out that everyone’s connected through blood, but with all the different races I would find it highly unlikely.

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