Jacob’s game and what is going to happen now

Ok, so most of us have been led to believe that judgehead created an alternate reality. Well, I don’t think (or don’t want to believe) that is the case. First I think it would be kind’a boring, second, it’s just too much to swallow this late in the show and finally it is too absurd from a scientific perspective and while this is no SciFi show, it has rarely ever compromised in that field. Even time travel seems to follow what is generally accepted as plausible.

I think the producers want to have us believe it, only to ultimately prove us all wrong.

First, let´s forget the alternate reality a bit and remember what has been a recurring concept: what has happened, has happened. You can’t change it. Even when Faraday tried to convince Miles’ father to evacuate the island, he later told Miles he was just “making sure” that Chang would do what he should (or would anyway) do.

So I think the losties would be in Oc815 plane anyway. We see Jacob visiting them and that might make us think Jacob and his gang were influencing them to be on the plane. What if that is not the case? What if Jacob already knew everyone was going to be on the plane and was just making contact with a few of them to make sure they were special, or perhaps to “choose the players to his game”?

What game? Jacob seems to have the ability to go anywhere back and forth in time, and I think he is sick and tired of the whole “what has happened, happened” thing. He wants some new fun. This would be consistent (but from a more scientific perspective) with the idea that Jacob is “Free-will” while MIB is more like “Destiny”. I think his game is to prove that there can be free-will and he goes after some very specific people (our losties) to help him prove that, or to “prove MIB wrong”.

Our losties are his final effort into that. Previous attempts are there — the old ship, for example. The main goal in Jacob’s game is to show that people can change. Jack can become a self-assured leader, sawyer can be nice and commited to someone, jin and sun can be a happy couple, kate can be a loving mother, locke can have a fulfilling life and so on.

MIB seems to have a lot of trouble with Jacob’s game. He is the one that has to judge those that use the Island for bad purposes. Jacob is like a kid, playing all the time, while MIB is the one that must clean the mess. He wants to kill Jacob for that.

So what is the alternate reality? I think that it is actually a parallel universe (I know others have said that before me). The difference in my theory is that I think judgehead added up to the energy in the island and was so strong that it connected the two universes momentarily. That is actually plausible from a scientific perspective. It also sank the island, but since the universes were connected, the island actually sank in the other universe, not the one we know. That is why the island is underwater in the second universe and that is why Desmond is on the plane in the second universe. He has to be close to the losties just as he was in our universe, but since the island is underwater, the only way for him to be around is in the plane.

Of course, as we know, the explosion also sent the losties back to 2007.

Now the most interesting part: I also think that connection between universes made it possible for some losties to exchange personalities with their parallel selfs. Did you notice how Sawyer and Kate behaved in the last episode (what kate does)? They seem to have become more bitter, less interested and concerned about their friends. Kate even seems not to care about Jin at all. Also, Jack seems to have lost the leadership and self-esteem he conquered in the island. At the same time, in the other universe, Jack seems to be pretty self-assured in the plane, as he saves Charlie and Kate and Sawyer seem to be more “connected” and caring towards other people, like they were after the plane crash.

One more thing: the time in which the losties are now is 2007. Don´t you think that the producers would like the show to end in our time – 2010? So what will happen in these three years? I think they will finally fulfill their positions as part of Jacob’s (or MIB’s) team and I think there will be at least one more incident of where the island’s energy goes loose, to connect universes again and also to put their stories on par with each other … we will see.

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One thought on “Jacob’s game and what is going to happen now

  1. Love your thoughts about exchanging personalities with their alternate selves. It would totally play into the balance of things and the magnetic polar opposite, equilibrium theme.

    Whether or not things can be changed is still a heated debate, I think. After all, many agree, as do I, that at least Desmond (if not more special people) can actually influence events, such as the bartender getting whacked in the head.

    Not sure about Jacob and MIB’s roles as explained. I think they both answer to someone higher, i.e. the island itself, or something like that. I do think they are at odds over whether or not changes can be made, whether in time/destiny or “progress” for each person’s life.

    Good thoughts – makes me think. Thanks for posting.

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