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I have just posted a theory about judgehead causing a connection between parallel universes, exchanged personalities between the losties in both universes and a lot more. Refer to that for more in depth info on that theory.

Now I read another theory (prior to mine) that goes into similar thoughts — “the universe next door”.

It states that the two universes may now be constantly leaking into each other. That is a great idea Achalli!.

Well, maybe the universes are leaking into each other … or maybe they are not. What I think is happening is that when judgehead connected the universes, some parts of the personalities and some parts of the memories of our losties have been exchanged between their parallel selves.

It gives sense to the fact that the losties in the island seem to have taken some of the personalities from their parallel selves. And it also gives sense to the “epiphanies” and “de ja vus” they are having (mainly in the parallel universe) — Jack “seems” to remember desmond. Kate has an epiphany when Claire says Aaron’s name. In the Island, just before dying, Juliet told sawyer “It worked”. I think that was a part of her parallel self’s memories inserted in her mind.

Another thought that occurs to me is that maybe the Island is, in fact, a pivot point in space-time where universes come close to each other. And maybe when people are near death, their mind’s energy (or their “soul”) gets free and can actually connect to a parallel universe. This could also explain Juliet’s “it worked”.

If that is the case, then there might be an interesting consequence with Sayid and Claire (and other near deaths). What if their bodies were “saved” but their souls (or minds) have been left kind of “loose”. Remember desmond also, right after the hatch explosion. This could drive them crazy, make them unrecognizable and vulnerable to “possession” … hum, I’ll stop this here since I don’t have enough grounds to continue in this line of thinking.

Anyway, the end purpose of this theory is: remember all the times Eloise, Jacob, Locke, Ben have repeated that the losties had to go back to the island … and their “then god help us all” lines when there was a chance not everyone made it back. Why? Why is that?

I think that the event caused by judgehead (unstoppable because of “what happened, happened”) created a problem that must be fixed. It may be the leaks between universes that Achalli proposed or the simple fact that the storylines are now different and should be the same. I wrote that I think the show will end in 2010 to match our time. I think in this year there will be another event like judgehead when universes will connect again. When that happens, the same losties that were in the island in judgehead will have to be in the island again so that their parallel selves connec again and the “loose ends” get fixed, so the storyline can progress as one again.

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2 thoughts on “more on the parallel universes

  1. I’m going to state that I and a few others called shotgun on that idea pre-LA X.

    I’m not sure how much more bleeding between the realities is going to occur, though. I think personalities crossing over, etc. is getting too airy-fairy.

    As I mentioned in my theory from a week or so ago, I think that we’re going to have some more realisations, some course-correction a la “The Constant”, and then a special few Lostites will board Ajira (maybe just Locke?). In other words, the true crossover will be via an actual plot event.

    Well, if Scarab’s theory doesn’t come to pass, anyway…

  2. Dalvani, I would agree with your thoughts on their personalities leaking between universes. I believe that is part of what we are seeing.

    If you enjoyed my latest post you may want to check out several others I’ve done along similar lines. “Time and Tide” could be a companion piece to your theory, “Schrodinger’s Island” is about quantum suicide as an explanation about the outcome of the bomb going off, and “Surfing the Possibility Waves” although not exactly a parallel universe theory is an interesting idea about what may be happening also.

    I think you came up with a very interesting iteration on the alternate universe idea. Just because an idea has been done before doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a different perspective on it.

    Nice job!

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