Whatever Happened Happened

As we all know, Fate has a way of correcting itself.  As we saw in the case of Charlie’s death, fate will get what it wants.  Looking at this season, the new time line that we see with the Losties landing in L.A seems to only further this cause more.  As we look at things that happened early int he first four seasons, it seems like many of those same things will happen off the island.  For example, after the plane crashed, we see the Locke is able to walk.  Somehow, it seems like things that now go on off the island will have to correct itself again.  As we may see, Jack may actually fulfill this prophecy.  We then look at claire and Kate.  We see here that claire must have her baby just like on the island and it seems like Kate must some how end up with Aaron.  In looking at thi, do you think fate will continue like this for the rest of the season???

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