313-Littleton CROSSED OUT

So, I just checked it out in slow mo, and just saw 313-Littleton crossed out on the ceiling… Hence, I now believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Claire is dead, and has been dead since the house she was in exploded. (I’ve believed she has been dead for awhile now.) So what is walking around the island, it obviously is not Smokey?? Is Sayid also dead, and claimed w/ the same sickness. Smokey doesn’t know this info yet, and hence hasn’t crossed out Jarrah… Thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “313-Littleton CROSSED OUT

  1. I think Jacob had been crossing the names out all along, and Smokey only crossed out Locke since he was there (?).. Jacob crossing out the names fits into Sayid’s “death” as well, since Jacob died before Sayid did.

  2. I’ve been trying 2 find a list of all the names, and FINALLY found it on lostpedia. (I agree Jacob was crossing out the names himself.) The only thing is 171-Straume (Miles?) is on the list, and is crossed out. Granted, his mom could have been the one who was crossed off, but? So, now I’m wondering if death really is why a name may be crossed out. I’ll provide the lostpedia link..

  3. My connections with the names points to redemption.

    Littleton, Linus, Locke, I thought I saw Nadler…Kates not being there may be for different purposes…

    But the other three(four?) are names of people we have seen off island get some sort of redemtion in their lives.

    Maybe once they have this redemption they no longer possess the ability/drive/power to be what Jacob wants them to be…

  4. I don’t think we can be certain Ben isn’t dead. We saw him get shot as a boy, get taken to the temple, his caretakers were informed that he would never be the same (I am guessing they meant from then on he had been “claimed”). I began to think after Sayid’s death that the same thing happened to Ben as a young man.

  5. I don’t think being crossed out means that someone is dead. I think it only refers to who may be a candidate. It is my understanding that there may be several names that are crossed out and they are either not dead (Miles) or we are lead to believe they are not dead (e.g. Ben). Of course that assumes that the last names on the wall refer to Miles and Ben respectively.

  6. Yeah I doubt that anyone that is dead is crossed out. I just believe that the ones that are not the candidates anymore are crossed out. I kinda have a feeling that the real John Locke might have an influence in all this, influence which MIB doesn’t know about and he just crossed his name…

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