“Teachers Touch Lives Forever”

Small sign to the left of Ben The European History Teacher in the teachers’ lounge:

“Teachers Touch Lives Forever”

I guess I’m not the only one who associates to Jacob’s touch.

I couldn’t make out any of the other signs or the writing on the whiteboard in the classroom.

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2 thoughts on ““Teachers Touch Lives Forever”

  1. If Ben was my teacher and he touched me I would tell the nearest adult 😮 seriously though great observation I wish I had seen that! I love the little clues hidden throughout the series 🙂

  2. I never noticed this at all the first time round, so nice spot!

    There’s another one behind Locke saying “Their Future is in Our Hands”
    It could say “the future” tbh i can’t make it out properly but was worth a note.

    Actually there’s tonnes of posters around that room that are relevant – I guess being a “teacher” really follows in the ideologies behind the idea of Jacob et al.

    The white board in Locke’s classroom:

    “The Beginning of the Lifecycle
    1. Conception and Implantation
    2. Embryonic Growth
    3. Fetal Development
    4. Labor”

    Very interesting way of putting it…
    Still kinda applies to the island with fertility/conceiving/giving birth being a problem there.

    and, Ben the European History teacher… where was the black rock from? Maybe it’s something he would cover in his class…

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