What about the blonde boy?

The boy Flocke saw (richard didn’t, sawyer did) … Who is he and what did he mean by “You know the rules, you can’t kill him”.

The boy could mean “you can’t kill jacob”, in which case it is not a warning, but a sentence. Because MIB killed (indirectly) Jacob, he will have to pay for that. It would also imply that ther is in fact a higher force / being controlling the island and MIB / Jacob are one level below in importance.

Personally I prefer to believe the boy meant Richard or Sawyer. Richard is my favorite because the boy appeared when Flocke was confronting Richard and Richard didn’t see the boy. Also, after his appearance, Flocke seems to “cool down” about Richard and goes away. In this case, the boy could still be a higher being or Jacob himself (how he looked as a boy). The way Flocke looks at him, chases him and yells at him makes me believe Flocke knows him and perhaps knows he is Jacob.

If the boy meant Sawyer, then it makes me think that he was Jacob and meant; “you can’t kill one of the candidates” or “one of our dominoes”. By the way, I am still uncertain about the roles of the candidates. I don’t buy the “island keeper” crap MIB told Sawyer. I think they are there to work as pieces in a game MIB and Jackob were playing (or still are).

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2 thoughts on “What about the blonde boy?

  1. I have been unable to stop the feed at the right moment, but someone on Lostpedia said that the boy has FOUR TOES. If this is true (I hope pictures will emerge soon) then the boy must at least be Jacob or a higher power, and is eliminated as being Aaron. I tend to prefer that the Boy is NOT Jacob, but related, and is reminding SmokeLocke that he cannot kill candidates. Maybe Richard cannot see him because the bloody vision was just that- a vision that the boy is coming. He DOES come and Sawyer can see the boy who is now physically present. The bloody vision does seem awfully similar to Locke’s dream of Boone. Hell maybe it IS Boone. This is Lost, after all!

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