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Hey guys, girls & fellow nerds!!

after watching “The Subtitute” we’ve finally seen what the Numbers are!! Of course its candidates! “Jacob has a thing for numbers”

cant help but think Jack Shephard No.23 is the key. Im no math head but i believe that the number 23 is very important & the certain mythology that surrounds it.

“The 23 Enigma refers to the belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23, some modification of the number 23, or a number related to the number 23.” (yes i wiki’d it)

Flight 815, Seat 23b Jack Shephard

Now jack being a new man of faith on the island, i believe it will be him to take Jacobs job protecting the island.

See how the tables have turned Jack/New Jacob will want to stay on the island as Locke once did & Flocke/MIB just wants to to leave….just as jack so did once.

I also think Flocke/Smokey (what ever you want to call him) is a caged beast on the island. If he leaves the world will end. Jacobs there to keep him on a lead like a dangerous dog.

Im ranting now. Anyone think otherwise?? Get bak 2 me!!

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6 thoughts on “23-Shephard

  1. Room #23 was where indoctrination took place- conversation from science to faith… yes I do believe you might be on to something. I think many fans are beginning to think the game ends with Jack on the island with a yellow dog. Mayhap!

  2. I think the important question is which came first? The numbers or the easter egg? Are these numbers just easter eggs of our famous numbers? or do these numbers actually directly relate to the numbers in the scope of the show?

  3. I will go further with your idea with the numbers. I posted a theory about this but somehow they did not think it was right to be shown. Anyways I will just say it here. If you noticed right each one of the candidates had a number on their left like Jack had 23 for example. I believe that each one of them has a number that it means something for them and they use it through their life all the time probably without noticing it. But I also noticed something that seemed strange to me. All of the uncrossed candidates had strange numbers in their left. Let’s see them

    4- John Locke
    8- Hugo Reyes
    15- Sawyer
    16- Sayid
    23- Jack Shephard
    42- Kwon

    Notice the numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. The same numbers that Hugo used to win the lottery. The cursed numbers represent probably the most important characters in the show. I wonder if the authors will use this fact in the future.

  4. Didn’t mean to sound mean or anything, but they have made mention to the Temple many times. I don’t think it’s a “cop-out” or anything like that, but they are slowly revealing more and more aspects of the island as we go along. They’ve done that the entire series, where something is hinted at, mentioned of, and then finally seen in full-view.

  5. agreed inquisitor. do you call the hatch a cop out? they didnt mention it at first…

    or the statue, or the dharma barracks or the other island? you find stuff out as you go along. thats how it goes.

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