Bring back the ones we miss!

I’d like to see the lucky alt-Hurley hook up with Libby, Mikhail make some sort of appearance (maybe he comes to the temple after seeing the rocket flare) and then die again, and maybe Eko and Arnzt (and Frogurt) can be ghost visions or something. Also, MORE PENNY AND DESMOND! As long as they don’t bring back Nikki and Paulo. Hopefully we get a little more closure with Widmore and Paik before the series ends, and maybe there can be an episode about Walt teaching Aaron how to play backgammon 😀

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I was born and 19 years later lost began. Everything up to that point was just progress.

4 thoughts on “Bring back the ones we miss!

  1. Naw,

    I WANT to see Nikki and Paulo in L.A.

    getting booked in jail after they have ratted each other out for the murder and theft of the diamonds…

    or maybe being discussed on the news in the background of a scene… You don’t really need to bring back the actors. Just have Billy Dee Williams commenting on the fate of his late lamented producer and co-star from ‘Exposé’ on some talk show…

  2. Yeah, it’d be nice to see Nikki and Paulo again – their death episode was actually quite creative – “Paulo lies” and “Paralysed” – easy mistake! And there was Vincent again – trying to uncover their bodies to show they were still alive – that trusty lab!
    Vincent FTW!

  3. Yeah, wtf was with Nikki and Paulo? Did one of the writers family members want to have a character on Lost so they wrote in these two bozos for two episodes? I just don’t get what the point of them was. Sure, we learned that having sex for money and stealing diamons is totally wrong but otherwise??

  4. nice username hattori.

    i would love to see eko back. but he won’t. he was supposed to be a main character, but the actor’s parents died and he requested to be written off the show.

    almost anyone else is fair game though, and i wouldn’t mind seeing faraday again. i saw him one in a park in nyc when i was playing softball. he was reading a book right near us and then biked away.

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