Locke is Vincent!

Yehp, you read it right!

I remember when there was so much talk surrounding Vincent, and I still think that dog was so special back in season one, like he was observing – particularly noticable when I went back and watched the season one pilot and there he was from the get go on the island watching over Jack.

Locke is linked to this dog somehow… think about it…. all them questions from the lady at the temp office, “What kind of animal would you describe yourself as?”  I just kept thinking he’d say dog.  And in my mind, not just dog, but a trusty labrador!

And to add to my (so well thought out!!!) theory, he had a little labrador ornament ‘thing’ in his clearout office box of stuff in the previous scene with Hurley.

So there you have it, taa daa!

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2 thoughts on “Locke is Vincent!

  1. Yeah, after I wrote this I quickly went over to lostpedia for a look at Vincent as I forgot where he was now (apparently with Rose and Bernard, I completely missed that!).

    Vincent has been involved in pretty much everything on the island and is supposed to survive till the end (the only confirmed character) according to Damon Lindelof on the Lost Podcast (lostpedia)

    I’m guessing he’s probably not Locke, but he sure is important!

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