MIB, I presume, is manipulating Sawyer…remember he said that Jacob came to him at one point in his life, probably when he was insecure or at his lowest ebb, and nudged him towards his path to the island?

Does anyone see the irony that FLOCKE is saying this at a time when Sawyer is grieving and devastated by the loss of Juliet? He is pushing all the right buttons to get Sawyer on his side…Sawyer is vulnerable right now and MIB is applying pressure…I think it is now that Sawyer is being manipulated…he says that Jacob came to all the candidates probably when they were at their lowest ebb and manipulated them…this isn’t the case, though…Jack had just started as a spinal surgeon and was yet to suffer with his wife and Christian…Kate was only a cheeky kid…Sayid was with Nadia…Sun and Jin had just gotten married, and Hugo had suffered worse times….

Why does he want to get off the island?

MIB will be getting off the island at a time where he doesn’t belong in time…what is there for him in 2007? I don’t think his reasons are to get off the island to go live happily ever after…I think it’s either two things.

(1) MIB is an evil entity…an evil spirit of some sort that wants to spread it’s evil in to the outside world…this may be why The Others always think that they are “saving the world”…trapping MIB in the island keeps the world safe from him…MIB can’t escape the island on his own because of the Electro Magnetic bubble surrounding the island…he needs Sawyer’s – or other people he’ll try and recruit – help to get off the island…

His words are dangerous…he’s manipulative, he’s relentless…beware of the serpent with the forked tongue…on occasions when we’ve seen the smoke monster, he looks the shape of a snake liked creature…(I’m not going to copy pictures on this theory as I really can’t be bothered searching it. But trust me, there are images)…in ‘Dead is Dead’, Ben looks on the wall of Smokey’s lair and see an ancient picture…I think it’s Egyptian…the picture depicted is of a battle between a swirling snake-like creature (smoke monster) and a figure/man with an outstretched defensive hand (Jacob)…I think this is symbolic of the battle of Jacob and the MIB…rightly or wrongly, snakes are a symbol of evil, both in today’s world, and in the ancient world of Egyptology and even in Biblical text…(Note: although, I think they may have also been revered and idolised in some quarters in ancient Egypt, I’m not sure. One of you might know?).

Sawyer asked if he read ‘Of Mice and Men’…he said that was a little after his time…I think this was an understatement…so, again, I ask, where does he fit in the real world to ‘go home’? He doesn’t…his reasons for getting off the island are not what he says.

The second reason, possibly, for him wanting to get off is a bit out there so i’ll warn you now…this also ties in with my other theory a little regarding Time Loops/Desmond/Walt/Fate/Sacrifice.

(2) By killing Jacob, MIB has only completed the first part of his plan in breaking the time loop…in order to complete his loophole, he must kill Aaron before he comes back to the island in the past…sounds ridiculous, but it is LOST after all…I never held much weight in to Aaron being Jacob theory but now I think he might be…I think Aaron – somehow – will end up back on the island in the distant past…Egyptian times, I’d say, because, lets be honest, we’re going to see a kind of flashback of the island when the statue was fully built…this may be where he changes his name to Jacob, and so, the loop begins all over again!…MIB must kill Aaron in 2007 or thereafter, before he ends up on the island in the past…

So, how does Jacob become Aaron? We’ve seen MIB become John Locke, walking around the island in his appearance, with all of his memories…it would be churlish to think that Jacob wouldn’t have similar abilities in this everlasting war between the two big players…anyways, after Flight 815, Claire says that she hasn’t felt the baby move after several days of being on the island…I believe that Aaron died…Claire was just in a plane crash, she was travelling during her 3rd trimester…this is never recommended as any form of anxiety can hurt the baby…Claire was obviously very anxious having been in a plane crash…I think the baby died inside her…Jacob, unlike MIB, has the abilities to give life…(MIB can only mimmick life)…we’ve seen him touch John Locke after falling out of the window and, seemingly, bring him back to life…I think he not only gave life back to Aaron, but became Aaron himself…yeah, but how can he be 2 people at the one time you might ask? Well, smokey ‘infected’ the 3 French guys simultaneously…I’m sure Jacob could do the same…

Lets not play down Aaron’s importance…he will be important…the psychic said that Claire must raise the baby…she must be an influence on his life…on how many occasions have we heard dialogue that the baby’s in danger? Claire says it numerous times…the psychic says it…Charlie and Claire both have dreams that Aaron is in danger…lets just say that Aaron is important…he may be the key in some ways because he is Jacob…the vaccine that he received on the island will mean that when he does return to the island, he can pop up at any point in time without getting the nosebleeds etc…

Jacob laid out instructions for The Others to get Claire…I think this was to get Aaron so they could protect him in the temple from Smokey…with Claire escaping, this then became difficult…Christian Shephard convinces Claire to come with him in the jungle and leave the baby…I still think Christian is MIB…he kills Claire in the jungle…or Smokey ‘infects’ her…If Christian is MIB, and Aaron is Jacob, then why doesn’t he just kill the baby…well, either he doesn’t know Aaron is Jacob, or he does know but can’t kill the baby because he IS Jacob…the rules state that they cannot kill one another…

So, what we have is this…MIB gets Claire out of the jungle and kills her/infects her…thus, Aaron is left in the jungle…the baby is now in danger…Claire will no longer be an influence on him…part 1 complete…John Locke is taken to the cabin and manipulated by Christian and Claire to move the island…his mission then is to get off the island, convince the O6 to come back, whilst having to die…part 2 complete…upon dying, Jack is convinced by Ben and Ms Hawking that Locke must return to the island, in a coffin, just like his father…part 3 complete…MIB uses the shell of John Locke to infiltrate the Others and manipulate Ben in to killing Jacob…part 4, and initial part of loophole complete…MIB now plans to recruit as many people as he can to help him get off the island…once off the island, get to Aaron and kill him before he returns to the island in the distant past to prevent the loop from starting again…that would be the final act to break the loop and then he will be free…

This will have been the umpteenth time of trying for MIB…on the previous iterations of the loop, he always failed at some point along the way…

This is a bit of a stretch of a theory but I don’t think he can get off the island without people helping him off the island…I previously didn’t give much credence to the Aaron is Jacob theory but i think that is where it is going now…this contradicts some of my other theory TIME LOOPS/DESMOND/WALT/FATE/SACRIFICE but just musing, really.

Please, let me know your thoughts

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  1. I like the Aaron and Jacob theory. I have heard theories just like that several times, nontheless, it was interesting to read.

    I disagree that MIB is “evil”, there are always two sides to the story. MIB wants something, Jacob wants something– neither are good nor evil, just different.

    Also, I have a feeling that Sawyer will be aok. Why you ask? Because you can’t con a con artist. I think he’s smart enough to understand what MIB is doing, greif stricken or not.

    Sawyer will probably turn around and con MIB. Sawyer once said that you have to make the person feel like the idea was all theirs–maybe that’s what he’s doing? That’s something to chew on 😛

  2. some good thoughts but this is all getting repeative, we need to just sit back and enjoy the ride. p.s. claire ,if she died, then it was when she got blown up in dharmaville

  3. Absolutely agree MIB evil and Others/Dharma keeping the world safe.

    AND that he’s a snake. I’ve been thinking Flocke’s been resembling one – esp. when he smiles, he becomes a “serpent head” (like James Carville’s wife lovingly calls him).

    I think the key to MIB’s downfall is this is his last form; he can’t switch bodies. Does Jacob have others … one of which MIB wants to be aware and in control?

  4. #5 by whataboutme

    “if jacob gives life and MIB takes it, one might say that he was the one responsible for the pregnancy problems via over-healing”

    Agreed…I think children are a threat to Smokey/MIB…our Losties all have weaknesses and vulnerabilities that he can exploit…John Locke was an obvious target for him…broken, weak, pathetic…Ben Linus another…

    With children, they are born innocent…babies, particularly, obviously cannot be manipulated…perhaps the reason the Others were snatching the children in season 1 and 2 was to protect them from Smokey/MIB getting near them to manipulate/infect them etc…the children are taken to the temple and kept there for protection and are raised ‘The Others way’ which means they grow up with an awareness of what Smokey is…Smokey can’t get to them or manipulate them.

    This is why the Dharma Initiative was a problem for The Others…children were coming to the island all the time…Smokey found the weak link (Ben Linus) and has manipulated him all his life; killing people, conning people, manipulating people…Ben Linus, for all his bravado and schemes, is probably the weakest person on the island…this is why Smokey has been able to manipulate him all this time, shaping his mind, and turning him in to the scheming, conniving man he is today…

    My other theory contradicts some of the stuff with who the Others are serving and the children.

    Here’s the 2 possibilities I think:

    (1) The Others think they’re serving Jacob but put in to practice the works of MIB…MIB has somehow infiltrated how they are operating – probably through Ben – and this is why children are being snatched etc…Walt is kidnapped and sent to room 23 for a lengthy brainwashing exercise…but Walt can’t be brainwashed and is too powerful for them to control…he and Michael are set loose…banished, so to speak…he’s banished because he’s a threat to MIB and it’s in his best interests to get him off the island…I initally thought that Richard Alpert may have been MIB in another shell…infiltrating the Others…it was his instructions that were being passed to Ben and through to the Others…(however, we’ve seen some evidence so far in S6 that doesn’t seem to be the case so perhaps that’s wrong.)

    (2) The Others are serving Jacob after all…Walt is kidnapped to keep protected from MIB…however, after the failure of the brainwashing session in Room 23, Walt is a threat to Jacob and The Others…his ‘special’ power dangerous if MIB ever gets a hold on him…maybe this is why he’s let loose…

    Jacob can give life…but, once people are on-island, he plays by the rules, he doesn’t get involved…if someone dies, they die…MIB does get involved…i’m not sure what the pregnancy thing is all about but i’d think that it’s more to do with MIB preventing people from giving birth than Jacob because children are a threat to him.

  5. As I predicted on my theory, Sawyer has aligned himself with MIB…however, I’ve predicted that he is running a long con…he will pay for it for his life, though, I think.

    Remember the episode in season 1 where Sawyer shot the wrong man, Frank Duckett?

    As he was dying he said:

    “It’ll come back round again”

    Not only is this more evidence of a loop, I think it has ambiguous meaning now…I think it either means that Sawyer will be faced with this situation again, but won’t pull the trigger…or, more likely, Sawyer will be the victim of a similar situation…if it is the latter, here’s how it will happen.

    Sawyer, on that particular occasion in season 1 was the man conned in to killing the wrong man…I think, by seemingly aligning himself with the MIB, he’s going to put himself in the firing line…he’ll be running a long con and trying to do over MIB, but, after Sayid becomes ‘infected’, which i think will happen, panic will set in and our Losties won’t know who to trust…there will be a point where Sawyer is close to executing his plan to screw over MIB, but will be the victim of a bullet from one of our Losties who think he has also been infected…will be either Kate or Jack to do the deed, I reckon…or, MIB, a master manipulator himself, will know what he’s up to, and kill him.


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