The possible candidates match the “cursed” lottery numbers.

Hello I am new here and I have been reading some theories on lost and I have really liked some of those. I decided to make a post on my own to share something that I noticed from the cage. On the left of the candidate’s name we could see some numbers and the numbers of the characters that were shown by MIB matched the cursed numbers.

For example:

John Locke – 4

Reyes – 8

Ford – 15

Jarrah – 16

Shephard – 23

Kwon – 42

So if you see right we have 4,8,15,16,23,42. These are the numbers that Hurley used to win the lottery and these 6 numbers represents 6 people. I wonder what this might mean, or if the authors will make all this at use in the later series. Well I hope this was just an interesting thing to talk about …..

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