Prediction for episode 605

I think we will see a confrontation between Richard and MIB at the end of the upcoming episode, and it will end with a cliffhanger that leads into the next episode explaining how they met in the first place. Flocke says to Richard in “the substitute” “I’ll be seeing you, Richard… sooner than you think”. Then they part ways, and Richard tries to sway Sawyer away from Flocke and back to the Temple. I think that is the next destination for Flocke and Sawyer. There will be a battle between Smokie and the Temple Others, and Richard will look scared out of his ancient mind! Then the little ghost boy will make a cameo again and Flocke will flee the scene.
This has to happen soon, maybe not by the next episode, but soon, because there has to be a significant event that ties the flash-sideways’z into the timeline before the middle of the season. This is just one plot point that would have to happen before then. Ok now tell me I’m wrong 🙂

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I was born and 19 years later lost began. Everything up to that point was just progress.

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