Hurley will replace Jacob!?

I know this will be an unpopular post because it seems like everyone is rooting for Jack, but please give me a minute to make my case. I can’t help to notice how Hurly’s personality changed in the alternate time line. He’s gone from being cursed to being the luckiest man alive. These are both self described. He is also the only person of the remaining candidates who already has a supernatural ability-he can see and talk to dead people. I think this makes him more qualified than Jack and anybody else for that matter. I mean what would be the reason for carrying a character like Hurly thru 6 seasons if your not going to use him as a surprise in the end? Don’t get me wrong I like the Hugo character but truth be told the most he’s contributed in 6 seasons is making a golf couse and finding the DI minivan. Look he’s honest, kind and good hearted. I think that makes him the best candidate of all. All the others might be good candidates to replace the MIB and call me crazy but I think Jacobs replacement is Hurly.

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One thought on “Hurley will replace Jacob!?

  1. I love Hurley, and I, too, hope that he has a bigger purpose. I think both his talents and Miles’ should have been used more. Plus, isn’t it interesting two people that could talk to the dead ended up on the island as possible candidates? Maybe Hurley’s ‘powers’ are more useful and that’s why Miles is no longer a candidate (his name is crossed out on the cave wall).

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