Whose list is it?

So I posted part of this as a response elsewhere but thought it warrented a fresh look since I have not seen anyone discuss it. 

There are just several issues with this cave that are bugging me.

Flocke seems intrigued by the rock and the scales in the cave in such a way that he looks like “someone moved my stuff” and if this is supposed to be Jacobs den where he keeps his list of candidates, it seems strange that Flocke would know it well enough to react like this.  Would he disturb the cave if it was Jacob’s making it fairly obvious who messed with the place by tossing out the White stone.

Also, the scales were balanced by the black and white rock…what does it all mean.

Finally, and really the most intriuing to me is that Flocke crosses Lockes name off the cave wall.  If this is Jacob’s cave and list, whey is Flocke crossing stuff off, seems like Jacob would cross off his own list and no one else should do that.

so, is this really Flocke’s cave, and his list of possible recruits instead of a list of candidates.  The scales really mean so much symbolically and the fact that they were balanced by the rocks, really is interesting.  Black Rocks………………..

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2 thoughts on “Whose list is it?

  1. well i guess theres been no secret that the big plot is white/black light dark i guess we are just trying to work out now which one is which, and who is who, and why and when yadayada lol..

    i figured Flocke crossed John off the list because he was making a point that “im not john johns dead hes no longer a candidate” to more or less show sawyer how it all works.

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