Charles Widmore never played by the rules…

So from what we know so far, candidates cannot be killed. Well, Charles told Ben to kill baby Alex. Instead Ben kept her, and said she was his daughter.

This is copy & pasted from Lostpedia:

20 ROUSSEAU Cave/Lighthouse Probably Alex Rousseau or Danielle Rousseau.

So hence, either Alex or Danielle was a candidate, and candidates cannot be killed it seems to be against the rules.

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6 thoughts on “Charles Widmore never played by the rules…

  1. Yes, but we have 2 figure Ben may have not even know about the candidates bc he knew very little about Jacob…

    I double checked Lostpedia, and Charles also wanted Ben to kill Danielle… So he definitely sent him to kill a candidate.

  2. i don’t think that its that the candidates can’t be killed exactly but probably not killed directly by the hand of Jacob and MIB. Just like MIB could not kill Jacob with his hands but could thru minipulating Ben to do so.

  3. Leaders all from off island, so likely Jacob replacemnts, too – so not Alex.

    MIB coulda’ let Sawyer die on the ropes. He didn’t. (Prob. so he could manipulate the ‘New Jacob’ into letting him go home.)

  4. There may be some truth to the theory that there is a rule against killing a “candidate”. Could it be possible that’s what the blonde kid was referring to when he told UnLocke “You know the rules. You can’t kill him”. Maybe he means you can’t kill Sawyer because he’s a candidate. Maybe that’s why Sawyer can see the kid…because he’s still a candidate.

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