Following the Light/Darkhouse…

There are things that linger in my mind following last nights episode…lets start with the “everyone wants to know” question…

Who is Davids father and Jacks ex?

I have thought this down to three choices…

A) The easy answer…Juliet.
The blue eyes are the tell, everyone has seen or heard it by now if you have seen the episode. We know of their on island relationship…and maybe like on island, she found another man and went Dutch with him, or even “James” or Rachel at some point following the landing of 815? It just seems too easy, doesnt it?

B) The thinker…Ana Lucia.
We have seen the quick relationship with her and Jack on and off island (even though she became friendlier with Sawyer). What we have to remember is, she was pregnant in her days off island and Lost the baby during her incident on the police force…unlikely…but we have to keep an open mind.

C) The wild card…Gabriela Busoni…We saw a brief moment where they kissed, and Jack ran off…maybe this time he didnt run off. I always thought and even tried researching the possibility(on appearance) that her father was a Hanso, nothing matched up…maybe this could make sense of it.

I said Sarah in another post, but I do not think it is correct after watching last night. If it is Sarah, Jack still more than likely fixed her due to the stairs in the house that David went to. Im now leaning towards one of these three…

I believe there is a question on whether Jacob if forcing peoples hand or giving them a choice…here is my perspective…

Imagine it as them presenting a door, with the intention of us to walk through…

Jacob stands at the door, opens it up, and allows you to make the choice if you wish to walk through. You can see in, see what is there, and decide if you want to walk through or not…(or if you want to line up a wheel and mirrors, or smash them to pieces).

MIB disguises the door as leading to somewhere nice, puts a sign on for you to read and believe it is a way to happiness…to what you really want. And inside, once you open it…it leads to your worst nightmare…or if you are lucky to avoid that…death.

We saw Eko encounter the monster, it appeared as Yemi, and gave Mr Eko a choice…repent, or be destroyed…we know the outcome.
A better example is Ben. MIB most likely took the form of Alex and threatened him to follow Locke…which he did, walking right through the door that was opened.
Then we have a true comparison occur in a matter of seconds when he went with MIB to kill Jacob.
MIB stood as John, disguised himself as something he wasnt…lying to Ben…just long enough to ask him why he wouldnt want to kill Jacob….why after all Jacob had NOT done for him he would not want to make that choice…Ben has no idea what Jacob has or hasnt done…no idea what happened to him at when Richard took him as a child…and neither do we…but we can assume that he was in some way healed by the actions of Richard Alpert and telling them that he would not remember or be the same…telling them that he would always be one of us…I have to wonder if he feels this way if and when he knows Ben actually killed Jacob.

The point is, MIB doesnt in any way allow people to make choices any more than Jacob does…its barely manipulation…its more lying than manipulating.

He tells Sawyer how Jacob intervened with their lives at their most vulnerable moment…he tells him this and continues to egg on Sawyer to accompany him on his journey just hours after Juliet dies in his arms, and possibly minutes after peeking at him grieving through the window in his old house…come on now…

He tells Richard he would have told him everything…that he wouldnt have done what Jacob did…

Are you serious? He literally takes the form of other people and who knows what else to make people decide…for better or worse, he is lying right there…If he takes the form of John Locke, and tells people he is John Locke…he is either John Locke…or a liar.

Im not in any way from this saying Jacob is good…just maybe a little more straight-forward than MIB.

Speaking of MIB…how about his new BFF…Claire.
So he is the “friend” that she was referring to…

What really strikes me as strange is not so much the friendship between them, but her words,
Jin: John?
Claire:Thats not John…thats my friend.

Tell me for a split second you didnt think she was talking about another skeleton she had laying around like the one in the crib…c.r.a.z.y…but who wouldnt be after what happened…

So what does it mean to be infected? Claire is infected, and she knows MIB is not Locke…
Is it possible that the “infected” are able to see who MIB really is?

Is it possible that Claire was not killed in the explosion and infected in that manner…that something else happened to her…

Remember when she had the crazy dream about Locke and the bloody crib….maybe that was Claires sub-conscience allowing the sub-conscience from the claire now slip through…maybe that is why she thinks the others stole her baby…maybe it was “Flocke/MIB” in her dream, telling her she shouldnt have given away her baby back in season 1…prepping her for her big role as the woman we know her as now…Maybe the infection seeps in after death…and we missed something on Claire long ago…or she was flashing in some manner…but death seems a likely contributer…

Maybe THAT is why Jacob gave Richard the ability to not age…and maybe not die…Richard was afraid, but as far as we know alive…so why make him somewhat immortal/ageless?
So that he could NEVER die and become infected!

That is why Richard cannot see who Locke really is when he walks out of the statue after the incident inside…that is why Richard cannot possibly see the little boy…why Sawyer can, I do not know…

So that is where Im at. I figure that when MIB does arrive at the temple, everyone is going to think it is Locke that does not know what happened yet…except for Sayid. Sayid will recognize MIB for who he is, I assume by that time the infection will have taken over…and again…MIB will use someone else do do the dirty work…

I also think that the off island scenes we see play out are either not real, or a version of what happens if MIB “goes home”. Did you notice the black nailpolish on Helen (I know you did Elsewhere), or Jack, Hurley, Ben, all wearing black at different times. Is it possible that we are seeing the consequences of MIB winning, and not allowing Jacob to prove him wrong…the island underwater, happiness for the moment…I dont think it will last long.

And last…
The number 108 on the wheel at the lighthouse was “Wallace”…and it was crossed out on the wheel…but was it crossed out on the ceiling? Either way, the only thing I have on that is that “Wallace” is a surname that also means “Welsh”…that is Scottish…meaning to me one Mr. Desmond Hume is on his way to the island…and it appears he will not need the lighthouse for guidance…he will “find another way”…maybe as he found his way on and off the plane.

These are my initial thoughts (and speculative theories) after having a day with my thoughts following “Lighthouse”…let me know your thoughts, and thank you for your time.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

39 thoughts on “Following the Light/Darkhouse…

  1. Hey A.E.S very much agree with you for the most part apart from the ‘Welsh’ meaning Scottish thing (two different things) plus im pretty sure that Wallace is a scottish originated surname so you could be right about it being Desmond, that was my Incling until further detail brought me to Wallace on the Protractor. as you talk about Claires dream on the crib of blood… is it not possible that when she see’s the white and black in John’s eyes the same thing is occuring here? by the way are you one of the firm believers that the real John Locke will infact be the saviour of the day? because i know i am. John Locke deserves more than to be pushed around and murdered… and then be used as a ‘template’ for an ‘evil’ ‘being’ (although i sort of used to wish that the smoke monster was infact ‘good’) anyway check my post that should be up soon-ish ‘Dude this is cool’ – (Lighthouse Protractor Numbers)

  2. Hi AES, some very good thoughts and questions here.

    Jack is Davids father, but as to the identity of David’s mother I have little insight. It would be a wild guess at this juncture.

    As for Nemesis’ lies and manipulations, they are apparent. However, I point out Jacob’s words to Hurley in the cab…which was a pretty nice con job too. He tells Hurley that he has a gift and how nice it would be to talk to all of his friends. So far, he is the one Hurley is doing the most talking with. I think we will have to see whose lies and manipulations benefit who and what in order to make a solid conclusion.

    While I understand why Jacob directed Jack to the Lighthouse, that was also an act of manipulation. He knew how Jack would respond. So, I have to wonder if destroying the ‘mirrors’ also served proper advantage.

    Claire is alive and is in the same condition as Sayid at present, only ‘her friend’ Nemesis has had 3 years to rile her up over ‘the others’ supposedly taking Aaron and hardening her ‘darkness’. I suspect the same strategy will be practiced upon Sayid if Nemesis gets his hands on him. However, Sayid could also prove to be part of Nemesis’ undoing….

    What you state about Claire having being aware someone wanting to do harm to Aaron via her dream is significant. This is how the ‘conscious’ mind works. Whether that truth comes from the past or the future, it is always embedded in your consciousness and can be accessed. The knowing and the knowledge is always there.

    Wallace might turn out to be Desmond and might not. I have no doubt that Desmond will make his much anticipated return to ‘the island’ at some point and fulfill his destiny, whatever that turns out to be.

    As for the child, he was showing Nemesis that he had blood on his hands. As black and white is a major theme, he could be representing the polar opposite, and is why Nemesis is so afraid of him. The child had the ability to see right through him and that ‘freaked Nemesis out’.

    Good thoughts AES.

  3. Wasn’t there some pictures at Jacks house showing him with someone? I’ll have to watch the episode again to check.
    I thought it would be Desmond coming to the Island, too. Maybe Wallace is his middle name.

  4. I think you’ve pinpointed MIB pretty well. His deceiving manner even worked on me. I was thinking MIB was on a lesser understood path to righteousness for the longest time. But I’m on board with ya after seeing this most recent episode.

    Sorry, I’m not caring who David’s mother is. I couldn’t put it more bluntly, but my focus is on non personal matters right now. This brain can only handle so much confusion, so my curiousity is presently focused on the immortals and the losties on Atlantis (gettin sick of saying “the island” every other line).

    Who’s on their way to the island? My first guess is Desmond as well. Ever notice that when Desmond comes back into the story, everything gets even more confusing and complicated than it previously was? Why anyone wishes to see Desmond ever again is beyond me.

    I’m HOPING the new visitor is someone we have yet to be introduced to. I want to see a Hanso or somethin’, or maybe someone dressed in a referee outfit, with a rule book in hand, explaining why certain people can’t kill certain people. I’d laugh and cry at the same time.

  5. Hi Destiny…I would like to start off by saying that I believe the same as you, that John Locke is the ultimate saviour…but I think Jack will be featured in the role somehow as well I would think…

    I like your idea of the black and white still occurring for Claire. I look at it as she was possibly “infected” originally while she was pregnant.
    This may in some way caused the baby to be infected, possibly explaining why Claire was not supposed to bring Aaron to the island.

    If this could at all be possible, it could be a way for MIB to possibly escape… I am speculating to a large degree, but trying to relate Aaron, Claire, MIB, and the off island flashes together.
    I am not one to believe that what we are seeing is the happy ending, I think it is part of their journey.

    Good thoughts Destiny, thanks for the comments.

  6. Hi Dabsi…I definitely have my eye on Jacob. I get exactly what you are saying.
    Honestly, I am waiting more for their backstory to truly make a decision as to who is right and wrong.
    I always believed that “why” was the most important question. Its one of those things that when extreme actions are taken, one looks at the why and asks themselves, “What would I have done?”.

    Maybe Nemesis has a good reason for the actions he is taking. I still doubt we have learned all of the back stories of the Losties…flash sideways, backwards, forwards, or something else…definitely more to learn.

    Although Jacob has taken extreme measures to help the losties walk theor paths…I feel Nemesis has been much more violent and less compassionate in his ways.
    Regardless of motives, his actions are extreme and merciless.

    It seems Claire has something more than just a friendship with MIB…the simple fact that she knows him as “not John” leads me to believe that he may have either explained himself to her as he said he would have to Richard, or gained another form of control, like I think he will have with Sayid…I would like to see Sayid go crazy on MIB…even though we know what the outcome would ultimately be…I miss crazy torturer and killer Sayid………..

    I love your thought of the kid with blood on his hands being able to see Nemesis for what he truly is…
    Nemesis knows him too…and it is obvious he doesnt like him.
    It makes me wonder what MIB was actually doing when he was chasing him…he fell and the boy stopped…couldnt he have gotten him then? What would have happened if he caught him?

    Good thoughts, and thanks for the comments and input as always Dabsi!

  7. AES, very good analyses with Nemesis. You’ve nailed him down pretty well. As I was reading this part of your theory I couldn’t help but think of Satan and how this is very similar to the description of how Satan operates. I know this is not the first time Satan has been linked to Nemesis. But I got to thinking about something I read once about how this is a misinterpretation of Satan and a mix up with Lucifer. Basically Satan is merely the angel that God charges with testing man, usually through temptation. However, Satan must still seek permission from God and follow God’s will. For a good example of this see the Book of Job.

    My point with this is that Nemesis seems to be acting almost in a similar manner, using the tactics you described, and yet seems to have a higher power that he is beholden to.

  8. Keep me posted on the pics Roland…I thought Desmonds middle name was Hume…like the philosopher…could be gossip…

    Maybe its not Desmond…maybe its Charlie…his son…

    How about this…

    Charlie = Charles = Charles Wallace…

    Charles Wallace Murry is the name of a character in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet…or the “Time” trilogy…

    How could they go six seasons with a show that focused mainly on time travel of SOME sort for the majority and leave out a major time travel egg like that with the exception of a quick view of Sawyer reading it early in the show?

  9. Chief…I actually wrote out “starting with the least important…” and backspaced because I figured someone would want to know…but I am honestly with you…who cares.
    Its actually one part of the story I hope doesnt play a huge role unless it is someone surprising. I actually really enjoyed the show last night. I liked what they did with Jack…happy endings right?
    Too bad scars and cuts keep popping up all over…

    Check out the above comment to see a new thought on who 108 could mean…something different you might like…

    Hey…on laughin and crying…how good would it be to see Walt in a black and white striped referee shirt come out and start bossing people around, laying down rules, and throwing flags…hmmmm…if that wasnt so stupid sounding, I wouldnt be surprised to see something like that…at least Walt being some sort of referee in the long run.

    Thanks for the comments as always Chief…btw…there are “chiefs” popping up all over the place here now…bad twins!!!

  10. Hi Achalli…

    Its hard to justify Jacob or Nemesis…but Nemesis traits are far more careless and deceitful than Jacobs so far…which is where I got my conclusions.

    I really like your comparison on Satan and MIB…and the seperation/confusion between Satan and Lucifer.
    I have thought of angels for a long time…how could it not pass through anyones mind at one point or another.
    I have heard a myth that angels cannot drink alcohol…odd Locke dabbed a bit in his mouth but ingested nothing…probably meaningless and speculative.
    But the idea you present with “testing” cant be ignored when comparing it with the Monsters “judgement”.

    Good thoughts and thanks for the comments.

  11. Hey AES.

    One random thought to process about Claire, Aaron and MIB here…

    Wasn’t there a recent thought (or theory) that said somehow children have a power or influence in redeeming their parents? I swear it came up in a thought correlating Alex & Danielle and Claire & Aaron…

    Anyway. If there is something to this, what struck me about ‘her friend’ and ‘her father’ helping her along is that they will have contributed to her delusions about Aaron’s whereabouts, but ultimately were the cause or source of their separation. So that vision that Kate had off-island of Claire telling her “don’t you dare bring him back” would have been MIB’s doing to perpetuate keeping them separated.

    So I don’t know necessarily think that Aaron is infected but more that Aaron poses a threat to MIB either directly or indirectly.

    The more I think about it, the more it makes sense because of the power of the parent-child relationship that has been such a focal point for past seasons and ultimately was the main theme of “The Lighthouse” and all of Jack’s ‘stuff’ – in both timelines.

    (And hopefully I’ll have more thoughts to share on that later.)

  12. Oh, and it looks like you were simo-posting a comment that alluded to something that I left out…

    I would just say that this whole thing for MIB/Christian to separate Claire from Aaron and then have that be the very thing that perpetuates her craziness is absolutely him manipulating/deceiving/confusing her… or “recruiting” may be the more appropriate word?!?

  13. I’ve heard that myth also but can’t remember where. I almost want to say it was in ‘Dogma.’ I didn’t catch that with Nemesis dabbing the alcohol on his lips.

  14. Hi Kim, I missed the post you are referring to…I think…

    On the note of “MIB” seperating Claire and Aaron, I think that the seperation itself has to do possibly with Aaron HAVING to be OFF island, and imagine the possibilities of the infection “spreading”.

    I think the off island scenes are going to have a very negative twist in the direction of the losties…and cant help feel Aaron will be a part of it in some way.

    As for parent-child relationships…where the hell is Thomas. I was hoping to hear or see something about him.
    I really want to know who the man was that left the woman who was going to take Aaron.

    I also think there is more ot the infection of Claire (and Sayid) than just MIB manipulating her. There is some sort of control in a manner that is beyind simple deception…although I do believe recruiting is a correct term for it.

    Thanks for the comments Kim, hope to hear more of your thoughts soon.

  15. Just a thought… perhaps the person who’s supposed to come to the island is Aaron. Aaron would have his FATHER’s last name so it could very well be Wallace. I’m not sure if they ever gave out that kind of information.

    This doesn’t really make any feasible sense unless it’s somehow a grown up Aaron who comes to the island because I really don’t see an infant having a huge impact.

  16. I was wrong on the pictures. They were of Jack with his mom and dad. His mom looks a little younger so I got confused.
    I did notice something when Jack was walking into the recital hall. There is a sign that says Welcome All Candidates. I love how they tie things into one another.

  17. Considering the whole appendix thing was brought up and Juliet once removed Jack’s appendix… Well, I really like the idea of Juliet being Jack’s ex. Something rather comical about that!

    Jacob and MIB both appear to be chronic liars… But, something’s telling me to stay with Jacob. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I think in the end the bigger issue will be that of morality. Who or what is the lesser of two evils.

    “I figure that when MIB does arrive at the temple, everyone is going to think it is Locke that does not know what happened yet…except for Sayid. Sayid will recognize MIB for who he is, I assume by that time the infection will have taken over…and again…MIB will use someone else do the dirty work…”

    Uh Oh… I guess we should prepare ourselves to say good-bye to Miles. Miles is the only one at the temple with Sayid. And, since Jacob told Hurley that he had to get him and Jack away from the temple, I doubt either of them will be going back. Kate is off after Claire, Sawyer has already been recruited, and Jin is currently up shits creek without a paddle. So, if Kate ever meets up with Claire, well… she’ll be traveling up the same creek with Jin, and the rest of them.

    So, Hurley and Jack are looking more important than ever right about now!

    Oh, and you didn’t have to acknowledge me for noticing the black nail polish. lol! Because, it was pretty much like, “hey… look at me with my black nail polish rubbing my hands all over my mans face.” lol! I think everyone noticed!

  18. Hi AES, regarding your comment #7 about Jacob and Nemesis and their motives….this is precisely why I am reserving judgment.

    When we were first introduced to the characters in S1, we learned about their inherent flaws, but also were introduced to their ‘humanness’. This is the foundation on which we formed our opinions of them, regardless of their prior crimes, etc.

    Therefore, I have to believe that the writers would not introduce us to Jacob and Nemesis for us to solely base and form our opinions regarding them, because one was dressed in white and the other dressed in black.

    I feel that the writers are allowing us to see the many ‘layers’ that are Jacob and Nemesis as complicated individuals whose actions on the surface may appear predictable.

    Until we learn what their motivations are and to what ‘ends’ they are being applied, we will be unable to ascertain who is entirely good and who is entirely evil.

    Lastly, regarding the ‘infection’, young Ben was near death and taken to the Temple to be healed. We know that Sayid was near death and I feel that was when he was ‘claimed’. Claire, although she didn’t display any outward injuries after her house had been blown apart, could have sustained internal injuries, and was then ‘claimed’.

    We know that Claire was put through the same ‘tests’ that Sayid went through at The Temple, as she stated she had needles stuck into her and was branded while she was there.

    I think it makes sense, that in order to be ‘claimed’ one has to be near imminent death.

  19. What I wanted to say in my second paragraph was ” Who or what is the lesser of two evils and what exactly is the greater good?”

    Example: Would you kill everyone on an island if it meant saving the entire world? From the perspective of those not knowing that this act of murder actually saved the world, it would be considered evil… But, yet is was for the greater good!

  20. I think it’s too much of a stretch to try to put the name Wallace to Desmond. His name since we met him has been Desmond David Hume and I think it would be lazy of the writers to suddenly say “his real last name has been Wallace the whole time”… all of the other candidates have been identified on the cave wall or in the lighthouse by their last name. If it was supposed to be Desmond I think it would have just said Hume.

    That being said I don’t know anyone on the show who would fit so I have to assume the person referred to is a new character, they have some great importance (based on being assigned the number 108) and perhaps they are the person headed to the island. Hopefully they’ll bring some answers along with them.

    Or maybe this crazy thought that just popped into my head just now as I was typing this. Maybe Jacob’s last name is Wallace.

  21. Holy crap. I love that jacob’s last name is wallace. i wonder who crossed his name out then (maybe he did in preperation?) Maybe it is flocke. Flocke Wallace. He lost candidacy cuz hes a prick

  22. Jacob can be kind of a prick… maybe he can’t be a candidate anymore because he was chosen for the job…

    It could be smokey’s last name too I guess… that would be equally cool, if not maybe cooler.

  23. i dont think her friend cares about looks. if he did he would have copied sawyers body, not lockes.

    and her dad prob doesn’t want her getting pregnant again…so he’s pushing the crazy dirty look.

    too bad zoolander isn’t on the island, hed set her hair straight. (zoolander 2 was recently announced btw…)

  24. metaldude…thanks for the comments…good idea with Aaron. I am now leaning more towards a ‘Charlie/Charles’ due to my “Wrinkle” thought…its out there, but possible.

    Aaron is another choice, and a good one. We dont even know where Thomas is in this new reality, so anything is possible.
    Dont let go of the thought of Aaron needing return as a baby.
    Think “Tabula Rasa” or “Blank Slate”. Childrens importance on Lost is evident everywhere, every season…stay with that thought in my opinion. Good ideas…

  25. Eko, that would be kind of nuts…or better yet, what if she is an other herself? Why not, ties to Christian, ties to BEN through the attorney! Who knows if that was all a trap from Ben from the start….he has always had a habit of making people do something and believing it is their idea!

    Great thoughts, I say play on her being an other…that would be a twist…

  26. Roland, that sign cracked me up…

    Elsewhere, I cant help but feel the same as you about staying with Jacob…

    I think a theme in Lost is having faith about something and committing…unfortunately another theme seems to be regarding ‘blind’ faith, lol…wht must they make it so difficult, lol…

    I have to agree with Eko about Miles btw…maybe not Adam and Eve, I think we will see their fate in person…I believe he does have one more big ‘read’ in him before the end…lets hope for his sake it isnt figuring out Locke is not Locke…then both ideas may occur in the same episode for poor Miles…

  27. Highbrow, I like the idea of it being a new character (not that we need more) or even Jacob himself.

    I have thought of the possibility that it was somehow a way to bring MIB HIMSELF to the island…hmmm….Nemesis Wallace…

    One thing is for sure, I pray they do bring answers with them…but I am having a great time enjoying the story itself…

  28. Jack’s ex – Kate. Then she killed someone and had to go on the run abt. the same time Christian died. The ‘someone’s funeral is what upset David, because his mom is evil/gone. (He was living at ‘home’ when Christian died ‘cuz that’s where Jack called.)

  29. A.E.S: I really hope you and Eko are right about Miles. But, considering his name was already crossed out on the cave wall, (that is if it was him and not someone else with the same last name) then I think out of all those that are left, he will definitely be the first to go! Unless, he has already been turned by Smokey and we just don’t know it yet!

    I have really been enjoying the comedic chemistry between him and Hurley, so hopefully he stays around for awhile…

  30. Waycurious….crazy yet simple idea…I dont think it will work, but it would be pretty nuts…

    Elsewhere, I think poor Miles will be Lost fairly soon, but I think, for better or worse, we will see one last read…and I hope at least a few more exchanges between he and Hurley, even his one liners have been great this season!

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