Number 23

Written 24th February

Jack turned the lighthouse protractor thing to 23 degrees and also it was the number next to his name in MIB’s cave. It is one of the hatch numbers and was his seat number of Oceanic flight 815 which left from gate 23. What could this mean?

Also, could Jack’s ex/Davids mum be Kate?

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5 thoughts on “Number 23

  1. maybe not christians funeral as the body is still missing,and if its in keeping with original 815, then jack was travelling with the body to bury him….then again everything seems opposite in the alt and may have had a funeral before travelling with the body….

  2. I wondered that about the funeral myself – It doesn’t seem logical that it was Christian’s funeral. Perhaps a memorial service ( no body required) – but a funeral, you definitely need a body for that! And Jack seemed a little surprised that David was upset at this funeral – why would he have been surprised if it was David’s grandfather?

  3. I think it was Christian’s funeral. And Jack has ran into Kate twice at the airport. I think he would have said something if she were David’s mum. Maybe Juliet is a better guess.

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