Purpose of Both Timelines/Worlds

Written 25th February

I believe one of the worlds is actually what happens and the other is the world/timeline wherein the 815ers’ consciousness travels. Most of these individuals had certain issues/needed redemption and let’s say the island timeline is only their consciousness shifting (which is why certain things are mirrored). These individuals were meant to encounter each other in order for them to resolve their issues/gain redemption/find their way. The manner in which they attempt to resolve issues/gain redemption is actually played out on one of the worlds They experience certain things in the one timeline that parallel or mimic situations in the other. If they can resolve these issues in the consciousness world, then that may translate over to the “real” timeline. Only some of them can succeed, which also ties into the game theme. Jacob and MIB monitor/interfere to an extent to push these individuals finding redemption (Jacob) or failing when given the opportunity (MIB).

I am not quite sure where the Others fit in to this — are they game pieces or game conditions? I wonder why, at least some, are particularly chosen. I was thinking that while the 815ers actually live in the flash-sideways world, perhaps the Others actually live in the island world (which is why they protect the island) or vice versa. But they do appear in the flash-sideways world as well (at least Ben, Dogen, and Cindy have been seen, and perhaps Mikhail has been there based on his comment about knowing John Locke to be paralyzed and therefore is akin to Desmond with that ability). Perhaps this also explains why Desmond is special — he can appear in both with memories of both and therefore, is a variable in both.

Based on the above, perhaps the end result/catastrophe that is being prevented is the cross over of MIB from the island timeline to the flash-sideways timeline (after all, he said he wanted to “go home”). MIB is also tainting the island world (as evidenced perhaps by the tainted water, Claire’s behavior, etc.). For the island world to exist and be of use, there needs to be balance. With Jacob out of the way and Flocke running amok, the scales have tilted. This imbalance may impact what happens to those that have been influenced by MIB in the island world while those individuals are in the flash-sideways timeline (in other words, does Claire go crazy in the flash-sideways world also?)? Perhaps this explains why Miles curiously looks over at Claire and Sayid —maybe they are dead in the island timeline, but their consciousness from the flash-sideways timeline jumped over to the island timeline.

Of course the above theory sounds reminscent of The Matrix and The Prisoner, so I am guessing there is another layer or depth to it that I am not seeing as of yet (assuming that theory is correct).

Ok, my head is officially spinning.

I’d love to hear what others think as more pieces of the puzzle come together.

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