another biggie for me…..the lockdown in the hatch is created by rubbing two wires together…we see kelvin do it and we see desmond do it….NOBODY ELSE……who did it when the blast door trapped locke inside ??? remember: ben was locked in the armoury , no-one else was in the hatch….

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7 thoughts on “lockedown

  1. Correction – the rubbing of the wires together is a way to FAKE a lockdown. That’s what Kelvin and Desmond do. We’re never told what the true purpose of the phenomenon is or what is designed to trigger it’s response.

  2. Apparently a lockedown occurs whenever a pallet was dropped. That’s what occurred during lockedown. Kelvin and Desmond faked lockdowns.
    I think it just occurs every so often.

  3. penelopedean thanks for clearing that up , i hadn’t linked the drop with the lockedown..just need to know who does the food drops

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