Flocke, Flaire.. and Fausten??

Just a quick ‘this is what I noticed’ from the newest episode “Sundown.” Flocke has been controlling Flaire (fake claire), obviously; he also now has Sayid under his belt. But, I believe that Flocke has also recruited Austen. When Kate dove into the pit with Flaire, the Smoke Monster flew over her, and the expression on her face revealed to me that she saw something in the smoke. After the debocle in the temple, she comes out looking rather complacent and shocked. The first thing she does is grab a gun (a Rousseau style gun.. in a Rousseau fashion), and she then proceeds to follow Flocke, Flaire and Dark Sayid. So.. I think we now have an infected Kate.. aka. Fausten.

Feel free to disagree…

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5 thoughts on “Flocke, Flaire.. and Fausten??

  1. Does that mean there’s also a Ford… wait that doesn’t work… a Fawyer?

    I actually don’t know about this. Judging by the look on Kate’s face at the end of the episode she still has no idea what’s going on. And judging by Flocke’s look he could care less about her. Maybe something to do with her not being a candidate. That’s not to say she can’t still be turned, she has enough demons in her past that surely Flocke can think up something to tempt her with. This of course is if Claire isn’t hell bent on killing her.

  2. Im actually going to disagree with myself I think. I think Kate has to be dead before she can be controlled by Flocke. The look that Flocke gave her at the end of the episode suggests that he might be a little frustrated.. because he has to find someone to kill her before he can control her – remember the rules: he can’t kill any of the candidates. And yes, Kate is a candidate – her name was on the lighthouse protractor thingy.

  3. Dude – I don’t want Kate and Sawyer together! LOL – I’m pretty sure Flocke is thinking of a way to dispose of Kate (At least I hope so).

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