Free will

After watching this weeks episode I finally got at least one question answered,why people are on the island and why some people follow without questioning orders.After Dogan and Sayids’ conversation on how Dogan came to the island it dawned on me that the others seem to be brainwashed into following the leaders orders without question.Dogan said he had caused his sons death and Jacob came to him and offered to give his son his life back ,but he would have to leave and go to the island and never see his son again.This seems like a good exchange, a choice I myself would make to save my childs life.This is where I believe the reference Locke used to the chains Richard is out of comes into play.People want to believe Jacob is good ,which may be true,but when hes uses his ability to give life for a trade of ones ‘slavery’ does’ nt seem like a good deed afterall.It makes me wonder how many people are there on their own free will.Not that I think that these deals make Jacob bad I am just waiting for the twist and think this will be it .That those who follow Jacob are doing so because they are inslaved to him for him helping them and that he will have some evil purpose.

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  1. foreverpuzzled, I have been thinking the same thing about Jacob’s offer to Dogen. This is one of the main reasons, I cannot commit to Jacob being totally ‘good’.

    I have also been under the impression that ‘the others’ seem to be following him ‘blindly’. One, could say this is an act of ‘blind faith’, but I have to wonder what and whose ends it actually serves.

    Great thoughts on this!

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